How Dr. Shyam transformed himself with food and lost 20 kgs!

Weight loss journey

Meet Dr. Gade Shyam, a high-flying Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) surgeon based in Hyderabad.

For him, a routine trip to the US made him gain 7.5 kilos thanks to a diet full of junk foods.

He also realised that he was becoming lethargic about doing the daily chores. He realised weight loss is something he needs to do.

Soon he noticed some dark patches appearing on his cheek and he decided to consult a dermatologist friend. A blood test revealed high insulin level, deranged lipid profile, and high blood pressure.

To top it all, he was overweight too. Being a doctor, he tried all he could to control the insulin level. Right from fasting to going on the anti-diabetic drug metformin didn’t help him.

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Then Possible came into his life and his weight loss journey began!

He got to know of Possible through a routine advertisement. The moment he came and visited one of the centres, he knew his life is going to take a turn for the better.

In his words, he says, ” Possible is indeed an honest weight management company that makes weight loss easier.

The customised program in Possible not only helped me lose 20 kgs but also improved my health. I was surprised to witness the remarkable changes in my insulin level with Possible’s weight loss formula and superfoods.

Dr. Shyam came to realise that for a sustainable weight loss, diet contributes to 70% whereas only 30% is exercise.

He adds, “With proper mentoring and a little bit of willpower, I achieved weight loss and fat loss. Now I feel more enthusiastic about life.

Subsequent changes after a weight loss of 20 kilos 

” I experienced a weight loss of 20 kilos and this has been purely fat loss and not muscle loss. I had black patches on my face which have not vanished without any medication.

These patches persisted in spite of a 7-day chemical peel treatments. My skin has become smooth and glowing and everyone around me feels that I have become fairer.”

The veteran ENT surgeon could barely walk a kilometer due to obesity-induced knee pain. However, being 20 kilos lighter, he is now easily able to complete an 8-km run. Being an ENT surgeon, he would treat many patients for snoring.

Due to his bad eating habits and overweight status, he had fallen prey to snoring himself. With the weight loss, his snoring condition is history.

Such great was the effect of diet and Possible that even Dr. Shyam looks 20 years younger than he actually is! He credits Possible for the transformation in him!

Possible Superfoods helps in making a Super You

Dr. Shyam believes most of the weight loss happened because of the superfoods.

Indeed so, because Possible’s superfoods are totally natural and free of chemicals, tasty and acceptable by almost everybody.

These nutrient-rich superfoods triggered weight loss in Dr. Shyam while compensating all the nutritional deficiency in the body. Who would need those weight loss starvation, pills, and machines when regular foods can bring about such changes.

Now Dr. Shyam ensures he passes on the wisdom to his patients too. Possible has helped almost 80% of Dr. Shyam‘s patient get over overweight/obesity-induced snoring with weight loss.

Dr. Shyam’s tips for weight loss 

Dr. Shyam believes that when weight loss is possible without the use of medicines and through natural means like foods then it is important to use that to the advantage. He highly recommends Possible to everyone he meets!

Luckily Possible is now offering FREE nutritionist consultation and also a FREE copy of our best-selling book ‘Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss’

So what are you waiting for? Go grab yourself a copy and meet our experts to chart out your own weight loss story!

*Results vary from person to person; Possible does not claim to cure any disease.


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