Green Tea for Weight Loss and Healthy Benefits of Green Tea

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Green tea, quite popular in China from ancient times, is always known for its health benefits. And Green Tea for weight loss is no myth. No wonder, nowadays there is much hype about green tea in India also due to its amazing qualities. However, don’t overindulge in its consumption, you can safely have two cups per day.

Most of its health benefits arise from the fact that it undergoes minimal oxidation during its preparation process and that makes it a great antioxidant.

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Here are some health benefits of green tea:

Green tea Health Benefits
Green tea Health Benefits

1. Rich in Antioxidants

It has 10 times the amount of antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables. Possible’s Teatox is a perfect combination of green tea and other powerful herbs with a number of health benefits. They also have strong detoxifying properties.

2. Increases metabolism and burns fat cells

Green tea has many health benefits apart from its weight loss properties. It contains a powerful antioxidant known as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). This antioxidant is most effective in increasing the rate of metabolism. It burns fat cells and utilizes them to supply energy.

3. Boosts The Immune System

Green tea for weight loss
Green tea for weight loss

The tea is rich in antioxidants and thus removes toxins from the body. It prevents the risks of cancer and other serious diseases. Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties also.

4. Improves The Digestive System

Green tea is good for your digestive system. It prevents bloating and abdominal pain. It helps in the process of digestion also. Having green tea after your meals will ease and soothe your stomach.

5. Flushes Toxins From The Body

Rosemary tea removes all toxins from the body and flushes them out of your system. All your body organs will be refreshed and repaired.

6. Protects your Heart

Green tea is rich in catechins. These substances relax the blood vessels and protect your heart. It is advised to have only one or two cups of green tea a day. Research shows that adding milk removes protective effects on the heart, making it less healthy. So, stick to just lemon or honey tea to live a longer life.

Now, after knowing the immense health benefits of green tea, you must start and end your day with green tea daily. Apart from having green tea for weight loss, it also protects you from serious diseases such as cancer. If you are looking for an easy and simple way to lose weight that you can include in your everyday routine, Geen Tea is what you need.

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How to prepare Green Tea for weight loss?

Well, green tea, of course, helps in reducing weight without any doubt. But you must know that the preparation of your green tea can greatly influence its effects on you.

So follow the points below to make that perfect cup of green tea.

  • Don’t over boil your green tea leaves. This can destroy the medicinal values of the tea.
  • Boil the water around 80 degrees and then let it cool down to your desired temperature.
  • On cooling down, sprinkle the green tea leaves and let it stay for about 3 minutes. Following these points will help to hold all the curative values of green tea and give you maximum benefits.

Take time and enjoy your invigorating cup of green tea!

When is the best time to drink green tea for weight loss?

It is found that drinking green tea after 15mins of having meals usually helps in boosting body metabolism thereby,  helping in weight loss. So to enjoy its benefits, don’t forget to have your green tea only after having a meal.

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6 thoughts on “Green Tea for Weight Loss and Healthy Benefits of Green Tea

  1. Travis Y says:

    Nice Blog!!! Complete Package of Information in containing in this blog is about antioxidants, Increases metabolism and burns fat cells, improves the immune system and digestive system and made healthy your heart, which is more important things in your life. I surely Promote this blog to my groups.

  2. Shweta Parihar says:

    Good information shared about Green tea. To ensure good health you should drink it daily. Make sure you drink good organic green tea for boosting immune system. If you are confused about the brand you can rely on Healthbuddy Organic Darjeeling Green Tea (Good For Immunity) that reduces weight and keeps you healthy as well.

    • mehnaz says:

      Hi Shweta,

      Thank you for writing to us. Yes, Green tea for weight loss and its other health benefits make it an amazing drink that you can have every day. Keep following our blogs and do keep giving your feedbacks.

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