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“Weight loss is a sum of all of your habits – not individual ones.”
– Helen M. Ryan, 21 Days to Change Your Body

Individuals with weight disorders are always subconsciously whispering a silent prayer as they pop in a chili cheese fry, hoping that they do not tip the scales further.

But, there may be other, bigger factors that play a damaging role than the cheese fry, adding to your constant weight gain

For those who are desperate to shed the kilos tend to follow aimless diet regimes, which only stand good for a while.

What we need to understand is that what we perceive to be the problem is actually only the symptom of a bigger problem. That’s why we come up with the root causes of weight gain in order to aim at the bigger problems.

Eating wrong is one root cause of weight gain
Eating wrong is one root cause of weight gain

Obesity is a symptom, and most weight loss programs try to cure just the symptom with short term solutions and hence, the results are short term as well. Have you been falling a prey to such short term solutions?

Root Causes of Weight Gain

You’ll be surprised to know that there are seven basic causes of obesity, each one as important as the other. And that’s why most of us fail to lose a substantial amount of weight. The main reasons here are

  • a] We are more inclined towards artificial methods of weight loss like weight loss pills, slimming belts.
  • b] We pay less attention to what we should eat and waste more time in what we shouldn’t eat.
  • c] We go for shortcuts like FAD Diets, Zero Carb Diets, and not for healthier diet plans.
  • d] We ignore health conditions. As a matter of fact, we may carry obesity genes or certain diseases that may bring up the weight.
  • e] We are not paying attention to our lifestyle, eating habits as well as sleep schedules.

Therefore, below are the root causes of weight gain. While you are busy calculating the calories of your foods, these hidden reasons could be making your weight loss slow and ineffective.

1. Hormones do matter

Hormones play an essential role in body metabolism, weight gain, energy levels, emotions, and moods.

Several hormonal disorders can lead to diseases such as diabetes, obesity, PCOS, high cholesterol, facial hair growth, irregular menstrual cycle, and gastritis.

Hormonal imbalances usually occur when your eating habits are not right.

Instances such as long gaps between meals, binge eating, not drinking enough water or lack of nutrient-rich wholesome food can lead to hormonal imbalances.

You can lose weight naturally if your hormones are in order.

Your thyroid hormone could be a hidden root cause of weight gain too.

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Learn the symptoms of thyroid disorders now.

2. Internal Inflammation

Internal inflammation is the second biggest cause of obesity and it occurs due to refined carbohydrates, sugar, trans-fats, and many inflammatory Omega-6 fats, artificial sweeteners, gluten, dairy products, etc.

This inflammation can cause diseases ranging from common cold to obesity and in worst cases, it can also lead to cancer.

The Possible program will help you locate all the symptoms of inflammation, making it easier for you to address the problem. Did you know that water can help fighting body inflammation?

3. Nutritional Imbalance

The most common mistake made by everyone is based on the assumption that if one eats less food, he/she will lose weight.

Eat Less

Food is not about the calories and is more about the nutrients. In order to shed weight, we need to focus on reducing the calories and increasing the nutrients.

The lack of healthy foods can lead to several nutritional deficiencies like Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency, magnesium deficiency, and Vitamin B complex deficiency.

The most healthy way to fight a nutritional deficiency is to follow a balanced diet that includes all the food groups.

4. Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep causes weight gain
Sleep tight every night

If you do not sleep enough, it directly affects your hormones. When you are sleep deprived, there’s very little leptin and high ghrelin in your system, causing the body to think that it is hungry and needs more food. This leads to over-eating and weight gain.

It has been mentioned in the International Journal of Obesity that in a study, middle-aged women with sleeping disorders showed higher weight problems than those without the issue. [1]

Sleep deprivation also wears down one’s immunity to insulin, thus causing weight gain. A lowered resistance to insulin can also cause Type 2 diabetes.

5. Bacteria imbalance may cause weight gain

Bacteria effect on weight loss

These are also known as gut bacteria or Probiotics. They are micro-organisms like yeast or good bacteria that are known to enhance one’s health. They are usually found in supplements and foods like yogurt and buttermilk.

The ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria in your stomach is usually 85:15. When you maintain this ratio, you’re in good health and can lose weight easily.

Probiotics help in keeping the lining of intestines healthy and thus help with breaking down and absorption of food.

A probiotic drink is essential to cleanse your system. Unless you have a clean system, you cannot lose weight. Many studies have shown that probiotics indeed help in obesity treatment. [2]

6. Stress

Stress causes weight loss
Keep your stress away

Stress is also is a major issue, which leads to weight gain. To reduce stress levels, it’s recommended that one prioritizes sleep, gets regular massages, and takes hot baths.

Researchers have always suspected a link between stress and obesity. Different hormones are released under stressful situations that lead to weight gain.

When we are stressed, we tend to eat high carb foods, which increases the body’s serotonin level– the chemical in your brain that helps you feel better.

It has been found that the body also releases a hormone called cortisol when it is under stress. This hormone not only leads to storage of fat in the body but also increases food cravings and encourages hunger pangs for fatty or sugary foods.

7. Body Toxins

The last cause of weight gain is toxicity. There are several factors, which lead to the accumulation of body fat. They can be traced to environmental toxins or artificial preservatives found in foods. Researchers have found a direct link between these toxins and obesity.

Toxins enter the body through processed foods or in the form of food pesticides or through plastic containers.

Our bodies cannot handle exposure to toxins in such large quantities and save them in small fat pockets.

Toxins also play a role in changing the body’s hormonal levels. For this, physicians suggest that one should detox their system before getting on to a weight loss program. You can also detox your body in natural ways.

Now that you know how there can be deeper reasons for weight gain, fight it with real solutions.

At Possible, we believe weight loss can be handled with the right diet. Consult a diet expert today. The best part, the first consultation is on us.

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25 thoughts on “7 Root Causes Of Weight Gain | Possible

  1. Ruth says:

    Thank you so much for the valuable information that you have provided. This information really helps us to maintain healthy and balanced life.

    • Shobha Shastry says:

      Hi Nita,

      Weight loss can be permanent or temporary based on the individual. If you follow a diet plan religiously with seldom indulgence then you will lose weight for sure. Such kind of weight loss will last you long unlike the ones you get when following a fad diet.

      Similarly, maintaining that weight loss is also in your hands! If you continue eating healthy and follow the principles of clean eating, then the weight loss will be permanent and for life. However, after following a diet, if you revert to your old ways, then no!

      So, permanent weight loss is in your hands!

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