Here’s How You Can Avoid Weight Gain After Weight Loss

Prevent Weight Gain After Weight Loss

So you lost weight after much effort, but you start gaining it back as you stop your efforts. It’s a scary thought, so check out the expert advice below to avoid weight gain after weight loss.

We all want to achieve that optimum weight. But getting there is an uphill task as you grow older.

So end result is that you are stuck with those last few kilos that refuse to budge and tier around the waist that stays put despite everything.

Even your genes have some role to play 10 ways to avoid weight gain after weight loss

As you grow older your metabolic rate decreases, which slows down your body’s abilities to burn more fat so you put on weight.

Manage weight after weight loss
Manage weight after weight loss

Namita Jain, Fitness and Health expert says, “Once you hit your 30’s the body’s metabolic rate slows down by about 5% each decade, which means that at 35 you burn fewer calories per day than you did when you were 25.

In fact body fat increases at an average of 1 to 2 kilos per decade and muscle tissue decreases.

Both these factors result in weight gain as you grow older, which is tough to lose”.

Even your genes have some role to play

Genetics also decides our body types, and even our predisposition to fat distribution where we have weight in certain places.

You know it is genes when despite your best efforts, you arms may not look as toned as your friend’s.

Research shows that if you are genetically predisposed to weight gain, there is around 70 percent chance that you will be heavier than normal.

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This is because genes can have an effect on hunger suppressing hormone leptin. So your ‘being fat’ genes make it hard to control your hunger and cravings.

If this is the case with you, you might have to out in extra effort to avoid weight gain after weight loss.

10 ways to avoid weight gain after weight loss

“Even after a weight loss program, continue the learning which you gained followig the weight loss program.

Like adding a salad in the diet, take small and frequent meals, drink enough water, be active throughout, take adequate amount of protein and avoid too much cheat meals and deep fried items.

Take multi vitamin supplements after every 4 to 6 months gap; and do periodic lab tests,” explains nutrition expert, Dr Shunmukh Priya,  Scientific Research Officer, Possible. Like her most health experts say that you have to continue a steady weight management plan, to avoid weight gain after weight loss. 


Just follow these rules:

Rule #1: Do not miss breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So ensure that you eat healthy in the first meal of your day by focusing proteins, cereals, and some fat.

Add some oats or quinoa to your diet that have high fibre and protein content. It keeps you fuller longer. If you miss breakfast, then you end up eating heavier during lunch and dinner. You are also hit with cravings.

Rule #2: Avoid large meals

Instead of having a large lunch or dinner, it’s better to have several small meals a day.

When you eat five to six small healthy meals, your body uses more calories to break down the food, which raises you metabolism. This also helps you lose weight better.

Rule #3: Do not eat after 8 pm

if you eat late then it gets hard for your body to digest. Also it raises your body temperature, blood sugar levels, and insulin. All these make it harder to lose weight.

In fact eating late regularly can lead to belly fat, shows research. Eat at least three hours before you go to bed, and try to finish dinner by 8 pm.

Rule #4: Do not cut out fat

Fat is important for keeping our joints well lubricated, and skin and muscles healthy. Simply switch to lighter, healthier oils which are easy for the body to absorb and break down.

Rule #5: Do not eliminate, eat moderate

It’s alright to enjoy every food group you like. Just ensure that you do not over indulge. Eat enough to satisfy your need. Eat slowly to allow your body the time to absorb everything that way you will feel full with less.

Rule #6: Create a calorie deficit

Eat a little less than you need. Eat till just about you feel full. Do not stuff yourself. Fill yourself with some water or juice or soup before you begin your meal. That way you will eat less yet fill full faster without really harming your body.

Rule #7: Snack healthy, and add green tea

A fistful of muesli or a mix of nuts is a good snacking option that keeps you full long.

Switch to green tea as it has proven to improve metabolism and helps in maintaining body weight. Makes you alert during lazy afternoons when sugar levels tend to drop.

Rule #8: Get enough rest at night

Sleeping less than 6 hours day can lead to belly fat and stress. Ensure you sleep at a decent time every night. The best time to hit the snooze button is by 11 pm.

Your body gets the best, restful sleep at this time and you are able to get up early fresh. It also regulates your body metabolism.

Rule #9 Exercise daily

Even 20 minutes of medium intensity workouts daily improves your metabolism and helps in keeping your body toned.

Regular exercise makes you leaner and fitter, and you feel more energetic burning more calories. You can even break your exercise into 3 short bursts of 10 minutes of medium to high intensity moves.

Rule #10: Stretch your body whenever possible

Stretching is like tuning up your body. Spend five minutes every once in a while to do some stretching exercises as it lengthens your muscles, and improves your overall flexibility.

It makes you more agile and improves body posture that is often spoilt by our constant slouching or sitting. Yoga stretch postures work the best.

Get to know more about how you can avoid weight gain after weight loss, connect with Possible Nutritionist for weight management consultation.


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