Shake It Up: Does having a healthy shake diet help in weight loss?

healthy shake diet

Are protein shakes for weight loss the answer to your problems? Probably yes. When balanced, low-fat diets don’t work, most nutritionists recommend liquid meal replacement shakes for a healthy diet.

According to Australian researchers, meal replacement shakes for weight loss is just as effective as the structured, conventional diet plans for weight loss.

Diet shakes are known to jump-start the weight loss process, helping one keep tight control on calories.

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So how do diet shakes help with weight loss?

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Diet shakes – Helping with weight loss

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Diet shakes, or meal replacement shakes, are kilojoule and calorie-controlled products designed to enable quick and speedy weight loss while conserving the lean body mass at the same time.

Diet shakes mostly contain protein, a few carbs, and are supplemented with minerals and vitamins, trying to make up for the protein requirement in the body in as few kilojoules as possible. Here’s how diet shakes help with weight loss:

Provide nutrients lacking in conventional diets:

Meal replacement shakes are made so that they provide all of the nutrients one needs for getting a healthy, balanced, and a complete meal.

When one cuts back on calories, getting all the nutrients needed by the body could prove to be a hard task.

The nutrient-fortified shakes could end up filling the nutrient gap, while cutting down on calories at the same time. In fact, the best diet shakes contain mostly protein, fibre, and essential minerals and vitamins.

Many commercial diet shakes, for that matter, are full of vitamin D, iron, potassium, and calcium, something that most diets lack.

Help lose weight quicker:

weight-lossThe key to losing weight is reducing one’s calorie intake, and sticking with a low-calorie diet could be difficult since it ends up making one quite hungry.

This is where meal replacement shakes come in, helping one feel satiated and full while consuming lesser calories.

Protein shakes help with weight loss:

While not all diet shakes are the same, they are commonly high in protein content.

A higher amount of protein ends up satiating the individual more, resulting in them consuming lesser calories throughout the day.

Did you know?

According to several studies, replacing 1-2 meals every day with healthy diet shakes could speed up weight loss.

Apparently, 4 out of 7 studies found more weight loss with diet shakes as compared to conventional food diets.
According to one study, individuals who followed a partial diet shake plan lost 2.4 kg more in 3 months as compared to those who followed a reduced-calorie, food-based diet.

Furthermore, a study also found that diet shake plans speed up weight loss in diabetic individuals.

Obese individuals with Type 2 diabetes saw 1-2% more weight loss with meal replacements than with diabetic food diets.

Another study observed that individuals following meal replacement shake diets saw the same weight loss amount as those following a low-calorie, low-fatdiet.

A study found individuals following meal replacements to have lower LDL cholesterol and fasting blood sugar levels.


Also, high-protein diet shakes also contribute to better weight maintenance, less belly fat, less body fat, and increased lean body mass.

Here’s why you should choose whey protein shakes in your diet.

Did you know?

One study compared two groups, one following high-protein diet shakes and the other following high-carb diet shakes. In 12 weeks, both groups observed similar weight loss amounts, but the high-protein group ones had lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels and lost more body fat.

Choosing the best weight loss shakes

Knowing your BMI will help you determine how much weight you need to lose. Find your BMI with TruWeight.

With so many choices for diet shakes out there – 18Shake, Yoli, GNC Lean, and many more – it could cause much head-scratching and confusion as to which one to choose.

While buying diet shakes, not only should you consistently look out for new brands, but you should also determine if they fit your specific needs.

Some aspects to look out for are:

  1. What kind of protein does the diet shake contain and what is its amount in the shake?
  2. Does the meal replacement shake suppress appetite? For how long can it do so? And if it does suppress appetite, then what is its calorie content and is it low enough to help you achieve weight loss?
  3. Does the diet shake contain any cheap, potentially harmful additives?
  4. What are the customer reviews for that brand? Have they lost weight in a sustained manner? Do they like the way the shake tastes?
  5. Does making the shake necessitate a blender or whether you can mix it with a shaker? Can the diet shake be mixed with ease? Can you use it along with other foods such as vegetables and fruits?
  6. Does the company selling the diet shake have a good reputation? Do they have a money back offer on return and is the return process easy?

So, flag off your diet shakes journey with these helpful tips. Consider adding whey protein to your revolutionary diet – here’s why.


1. What are the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss?

Some of 2018’s best-rated meal replacement shakes are 18Shake, Yoli Essential Shake, GNC Lean, Shakeology, Herbalife Formula 1, Special K Shake, AdvoCare Shake, and Slim Fast Shake, among others.

2. What are weight loss shakes?

Weight loss shakes, a.k.a. diet shakes or meal replacement shakes, are usually bottled, processed drinks in place of one of the main meals of dinner, lunch, or breakfast. They work on decreasing calorie intake, speeding up the eat-on-the-go process, and get in enough nutrients in the body in an easy and convenient way.

Here’s a recipe for a weight loss shake.

3. How do diet shakes help with weight loss?

Diet shakes decrease appetite and hunger, increase metabolism, prevent metabolic breakdown and muscle moss, and even prevent weight regain after weight loss.

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