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Shake It Up: Does having a healthy shake diet help in weight loss?

healthy shake diet

Are protein shakes for weight loss the answer to your problems? Probably yes. When balanced, low-fat diets don’t work, most nutritionists recommend liquid meal replacement shakes for a healthy diet. According to Australian researchers, meal replacement shakes for weight loss is just as effective as the structured, conventional diet plans for weight loss. Diet shakes are […]

Melon Mint Smoothie | Possible

Melon Mint Smoothie for weight loss

  Melon Mint Smoothie Are you looking for a healthy snack in a glass? This melon mint smoothie is just what you need. With the goodness of yogurt and antioxidant-rich mint, this smoothie is sure to cool you off! Try this recipe and let us know. 1 tbsp fresh lime juice, from 1 lime 2 […]

Omega 3 Health Shake (Smoothie)

omega 3 smoothie

  Omega 3 Health Shake (Smoothie) Traditional milkshakes made with ice cream and chocolate can worsen your health. Instead, go for fruit smoothies and shakes that will provide the vitamins and minerals to the body. Strawberry is the most popular smoothie flavor. Although most smoothies share banana as a common ingredient, for milkshakes. But, this […]

Banana Oats and Seeds Cocktail Smoothie

Banana & Seeds Cocktail

Banana Oats And Seeds Cocktail Smoothie Yet another recipe that’ll make you crave for more. Yes, we’re serious! When healthy recipes are a delight to your taste buds, what more do you need, right? This Banana Oats and Seeds Cocktail Smoothie is perfect for summers when you need to keep yourself hydrated without resorting to […]

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