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Banana Oats and Seeds Cocktail Smoothie

Banana & Seeds Cocktail

Banana Oats And Seeds Cocktail Smoothie Yet another recipe that’ll make you crave for more. Yes, we’re serious! When healthy recipes are a delight to your taste buds, what more do you need, right? This Banana Oats and Seeds Cocktail Smoothie is perfect for summers when you need to keep yourself hydrated without resorting to […]

5 Weight Loss Smoothies to Watch Out For!

Weight Loss Smoothies

Who isn’t a fan of yummy smoothies, right? However, what if we can make these healthy and helpful?  Well, healthy of course by tweaking the ingredient list and helpful, by making them suitable. Table of contents Omega 3 weight loss smoothie Fruit and nut weight loss smoothie Creamy fruit protein weight loss smoothie  Antioxidant-rich green […]

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