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Medically reviewed by Shanmukha PriyaM.Phil and Ph.D. in Food Science and Nutrition

First of all, congratulations on making to the golden years of your life. This time of life is to enjoy the newness. However, your body will undergo tremendous changes that may not be all good news.

Your older injuries will bounce back and joint pains may become your new friends. Also, the 50s can bring a significant accumulation of weight in your body which might become harder to get rid off.

But we are here to give you a heads-up about health and weight management in the 50s.

How to stay healthy in 50s
Stay fit & fabulous in the 50s

Here are the 5 bodily changes that can bring weight disruptions in your body during the 50s along with tips to fight them.

1. You may lose muscles & gain fat

Although your body weight may show the same number, you might appear fatter in your 50s. This is because you might be losing muscle mass due to declining hormones in your body.

Especially, women face a more dramatic hormonal fluctuation as this is the menopausal age. Besides estrogen, the hormone that actually influences weight in both men and women is testosterone.

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Tip- Keep a check of the hormones in the body and act accordingly to balance them up with the right kind of nutrition for proper health and weight management in the 50s. 

2. You may have cholesterol issues

The 50s is the crucial age when many people start showing signs of heart diseases. This is due to the fact that as older we get, we become more prone to fall for cholesterol issues.

Diet, sedentary lifestyle, falling down of estrogen levels can all increase the total cholesterol in the body which may further aggravate the situation and develop into different heart diseases.

Tip- Stay away from unhealthy foods and follow a strict balanced diet suitable for you. The importance of right diet is the key factor in your 50s.

The best thing is to find an expert’s advice and plan a diet that encompasses all your health issues and includes all the food groups that your body may require.

3. You may be becoming less active

You might find yourself becoming less active in your 50s than your younger ages. With body aches becoming more significant, you might be procrastinating the workout sessions. This will add to your weight gaining processes in the body.

Tip- Exercising and keep moving should be the goal. If you are planning to retire soon, find another way to keep yourself in motion. Besides jogging or walking, you can even try for strength-training for weight management in the 50s. This workout will help you increase your otherwise declining muscle mass.

You should have strength training, flexibility workouts as well as cardiovascular activity in your routine.

4. You might be showing ‘familiar’ changes

At the 50s you might be showing health issues that happened to your parents or even a distant aunt! There might be family diseases that you might want to be aware of and be ready to fight with.

Tip- Be clear on your family history to not surprise yourself. Like if diabetes runs in the family, you might be carrying it too. This family history evaluation will be helpful to your consulting physician in helping your health issues.

5. You may be following a poor diet

With old age, you might be craving for unhealthy foods. However, it can be the main culprit in your weight gain. This goes particularly for people consuming more alcohol.

Tip- Reduce the number of pegs you used to have. Go out for more healthy reunions than ‘beer getogethers’. Also, keep away from added sugars and high-calorie foods.

A growing age becomes a Petri dish of accumulating more weight. The catch is to have an active lifestyle with a well-defined diet plan. And if you are looking for an expert consultation for weight management in your 50s, we are here for you. Click here!

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