Why Is It Important To Add Low Fat Paneer To Our Weight Loss Diet

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Paneer is quintessential to every Indian cuisine. But for those wanting to lose weight and maintain it, low-fat paneer is a good choice. No compromise on taste or health!

It is a nationally known fact that what chicken is for non-vegetarians, paneer is for vegetarians.

Well, even a lot of non-vegetarians adore paneer, in its various forms! It is needless to say that Indian cuisine is incomplete without paneer.

Paneer or cottage cheese is the powerhouse of protein and can be enjoyed raw, grilled, fried or dipped in gravy.

It is a part of staple Indian diet and it is full of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that nourish our body.

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Whether you add it in your salad or eat it raw, the health benefits of paneer should not be missed.



What is a low fat paneer?

A low fat paneer is great for people who are trying to shed those extra kilos.

Thish3 paneer is made from skim milk which has all the goodness of milk and only 0.1 grams of fat as compared to 23 grams of fat from full fat paneer.

For milk fussy adults, it is a superb way of increasing the intake of protein and calcium.

Protein is necessary for the maintenance of body cells and calcium is required for healthy bones.

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Did You Know?

The Difference Between Low Fat And Full Fat Paneer

The main difference between a low fat paneer and full fat paneer is the amount of fat present in both of them.  Low fat and skim milk are made by placing whole milk into a machine which spins out the fat globules.

Because the fat has been removed or skimmed out, low fat and skim milks have lower calories than whole milk.  

One cup of full fat milk has 150 calories and 8g fat. While a low fat milk has 100 calories and 2.5g of fat and a skim milk has 80 calories and 0.5g fat.


8 Amazing benefits of low-fat paneer

1. Rich in protein

The benefit of low-fat paneer is that it is a powerhouse of protein without being high on fat. Low-fat paneer is also rich in essential minerals like Calcium and Magnesium.

Cow’s milk contains the highest amount of casein protein among various kinds of milk.

Therefore cottage cheese or low fat paneer derived out of cow’s milk is one rich source of protein you can include in your daily diet.

2. Strengthens bone and teeth

Low fat paneer is one of the best sources of calcium. Experts say that cottage cheese or paneer can fulfill 8% of the daily recommended value. 100 grams of cottage cheese has a whopping 83 grams of protein.

Adequate calcium levels ensure healthy bones, teeth, healthy heart muscles and smooth nerve functioning too.

3. Maintains blood sugar levels

Low fat paneer helps in regulating blood sugar levels. The protein content in paneer helps in slow release of sugar in the blood that prevents abrupt hikes and decline in the sugar levels.

Actually, the mineral magnesium present in low-fat paneer helps in controlling sudden spikes and helps in maintaining better health.

4. Promotes cardiovascular health

Low fat paneer is good for maintaining cardiovascular health. Paneer contains potassium which plays a key role in maintaining fluid balance of the body.

The kidneys play a crucial role in managing the blood pressure by controlling the amount of fluid stored in our body.

The idea is simple, the more the fluid, the more the pressure. Potassium not only helps regulate the ideal fluid balance but also negate the effects of too much salt.

5. Improves digestion

Low fat paneer contains a decent amount of phosphorus which helps in digestion and excretion.

The laxative effect of magnesium which is present in low fat paneer helps to prevent constipation and makes the excretion process smooth.

6. Rich source of folate

Low fat paneer is a powerhouse of folate. Folate is a B-complex vitamin which is very essential for pregnant women.

Folate helps fetal development in expecting mothers. Apart from this, folate plays a crucial part in red blood cells production too.

7. Boosts weight loss

The protein dense low fat paneer keeps hunger pangs at bay by keeping us satiated for a longer time.

Low fat Paneer is also a rich source of conjugated linoleic acid which aids the fat burning process.

8. Prevents breast cancer in women

Low fat paneer helps in reducing the risk of breast cancer in premenopausal women because paneer contains calcium and vitamin D which has shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women.

Now that you know the difference between low fat and full fat paneer along with the health benefits low fat paneer has to offer you, check out the videos of some delicious low fat paneer recipes:


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4 thoughts on “Why Is It Important To Add Low Fat Paneer To Our Weight Loss Diet

  1. Madeleine Jones says:

    Just read your article as I am trying to lose weight, Does low fat paneer really work as you said it could? Can you use it in any foods?
    The question is do you think you can lose that much weight in 2 weeks using low fat paneer without exercising? Love to know your thoughts. Regard Madeleine.

    • shama says:

      Hi Maddeleine, You can use low fat paneer in any foods. And with the right diet, you can lose more weight.Thank you for writing to us.

  2. Michael Fair says:

    Yeah, you’re right. Low fat paneer makes weight loss faster. I’ll consider adding this in my diet. It may not be available in my country though because it’s Indian exclusive. Say, I am planning to to lose weight and I came across with a product earlier. It seems really good.

    • shama says:

      Hi Michael, Thank you for writing to us, Add low fat paneer to your weight loss diet. Keep follow Truweight Blogs

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