5 Ways To Add Movement In Daily Routine To Boost Metabolism

Active movements for active metabolism

Physical activity, workouts, exercises and in general body movement is crucial for the good maintenance of the human body. Exercise and stretching is what the muscles of the human body are built for.

In today’s day and age, the rate of physical activity and movement has drastically reduced. People worldwide have some form of desk job which calls for little to no movement.

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Even the transition from one’s home to their work is becoming even more effortless with more and more people buying and utilizing cars and automobiles which cut down physical strain.  

Due to lower amounts of movement, people are more liable to weight gain and weakness.

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With more and more technological advancements in the area of mobility, the physical aspect is going down to the point it is becoming a cause for concern.

Due to lack of physical effort, studies and research have found that people have developed weaker muscles and lower stamina.

Also, this is leading to the majority of the population to become overweight. Due to lack of exercise in one’s daily routine, the human body cannot burn enough calories to burn off the fat deposits.

Even more so, studies have found a threat to the overall metabolism rate of humans is also on the downfall.

This leaves the human body susceptible to diseases and ailments. Due to less physical activities, the body cannot burn sufficient amounts of calories which leads to being overweight.

Re-gaining Movement in Daily Routines

With the rise of low mobility in our daily lifestyle, we humans are becoming lazier and overweight which is leading us to be liable to health issues in the near future.

In light of this, regular physical activities play a vital role in keeping the body fit and healthy. Even small amounts of movement can help with maintaining a high metabolism rate and also help you burn a high amount of calories in a day.

1. Tasks are done by walking or cycling:

In a day, often you may need to go to the stores or the market to buy your daily rations. Some errand might need you to travel a couple of kilometres even.

Walking in supermarket
Walking in a supermarket

Instead of taking the prevalent commute and public transportation or even your personal car, it is advised to walk or even cycle to your destination and back.

Walking is a fantastic way to get exercise and increase the amount of movement in your daily routine. If you are wondering how to burn more calories or how to achieve a high metabolism rate, then walking is a great course of action.

Apart from increasing your daily movement, walking a few miles a day will help keep your metabolism rate high and will, in turn, contribute to weight loss.

If the distance you are travelling is further and no possible by walking or you simply are running low on time, cycling is a great alternative.

Cycling helps you keep your posture and physique in great shape and helps in burning calories efficiently and easily.

2. Don’t waste your breaks:

if you are an office goer, then it is likely that you have a desk job. In such situations getting a decent amount of movement becomes restricted to your coffee breaks.

When you get your breaks, don’t waste them by sitting around or standing in one place. Rather, take a stroll or a walk around a block or two.

This will help your body burn some extra calories and can loosen up from the stiffness caused by sitting in one place for a prolonged period of time.

This will allow you to increase the total amount of movement in your daily routine and helps refresh your mind, so when you get back to your desk, you are refreshed and more concentrated.

3. Use stairs:

nobody likes to climb four stories of a building. This is why elevators are such a satisfying commodity. But climbing stairs is beneficial for your body. Climbing stairs cause you to work almost all of your muscles and help in increasing the rate of weight loss.

Climbing stairs can help you increase the average amount of calories burnt in a day. Assisting in also substantially increasing your metabolism for weight loss, taking the stairs is a beneficiary way to reduce weight and increase the amount of movement you can get in your daily routine.

4. Do more chores:

doing chores are no fun. But doing them allows you the opportunity to get more physical activity. Being a daily thing, you will have a continuous amount of movement each day and will enable to increase the amount of movement done by you in your daily routine.

Doing tasks like cleaning the kitchen, washing your own clothes and even carrying out the rubbish can help you increase your metabolism rate.

Anything you do gives a chance for your body to require more oxygen which increases the rate of metabolism which helps in weight loss.

5. Buy your own healthy food:

a great way to get movement into your daily routine and also losing fat is by doing your own groceries. Eating a healthy diet which contributes to weight loss is a great combination.

Diets which will help increases your metabolism rate are great to help you lose weight. Similarly, shopping of the ingredients for said diet, actively and physically doing the shopping yourself is a great way to get physical activity in your daily routine.

Getting sufficient physical activity throughout the day is a highly advised and recommended way to go about your daily routine.

By incorporating even small amounts of the above-mentioned ways, you can make a significant increase in the amount of movement you get done in your day to day activities and will help you lose weight and maintain a relatively high metabolism rate.

Accompanied by a proper weight loss diet, you can achieve the dream physique you always wished for and at the same time keep your body healthy and also avoid the risk of developing problems in the future.

This will help you burn more calories and keep your metabolic functioning at optimal capacity.

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6 thoughts on “5 Ways To Add Movement In Daily Routine To Boost Metabolism

  1. Carlos says:

    Thank you very much Dr. ASHWATHY V. PILLAI! i was wrong but after to read this now i can realize the reason because i was tired all the time to get better results. Thank you again!

    • Soma Raghavendra says:

      Hi Carlos! You are welcome. Follow this article to boost your metabolism. Keep following our blog to know more health information.

  2. Tom says:

    Good day, thank you for the very informative article. I understand the importance of keeping your metabolism boosted in order to lose weight but i seem to have trouble doing it. I already do the things you have mentioned, i walk a least 2km per day, i do a lot of outside work around our house, i always take the stairs at work and i have a fairly healthy diet broken up between 5 meals a day but i still seem to be carrying extra weight. No matter what i do i can’t see to get to my ideal weight of 160lbs, i am stuck at 180lbs and have been for a while. I was wondering if i should look into some form of specific diet or exercise program that i can use to boost my metabolism even more.

  3. Laurie393 says:

    I am so obsessed with food but every time I look in the mirror it makes me feel so disappointed on myself. I did want lose weight but can’t help to eat and eat more food, I already use all kinds of method on diet like keto, vegetarian, vegan etc. but it won’t work because of my eagerness to eat foods.

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