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Omega-3 Curd Brown Rice | Possible

Omega 3 curd brown rice

  Omega-3 Curd Brown Rice | Possible If you are hungry and you want something that not only can be prepared fast but also satisfies your tummy, have curd brown rice. The goodness of brown rice with its high nutritional values makes it off of the best things that you can have for lunch. And […]

Healthy Green Brown Rice

Green Peas Paratha recipe

  Healthy Green Brown Rice Before you crinkle your nose at the very mention of brown rice, here is an interesting recipe which combines the visual pleasure of eating too! Presenting Possible’s green brown rice. Before the times of the white and shiny processed rice, the rice in the olden times looked very similar to […]

How to cook the Perfect Brown Rice in a Pressure Cooker

  How To Cook The Perfect Brown Rice In A Pressure Cooker Although it seems pretty easy, cooking that perfect brown rice is no child’s play. That is why Possible brings to you this plain brown rice recipe to finally unlock the myth of cooking plain rice. Brown rice, unlike white rice, has the side […]

Healthy Choice: Moong Dal & Brown Rice Khichdi!

Brown rice khichdi

  Healthy Choice: Moong Dal & Brown Rice Khichdi! Khichdi is easy to cook, one pot Indian cuisine. Brown rice alone has many health benefits and it is better than white rice, while moong dal packed with protein and low carbs make it a perfect combination of healthy food. This recipe is solely for people […]

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