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7 Foods You Should Avoid When You Have Anxiety Attack & Prevent Weight Gain

Healthy approach against anxiety attack

Getting anxious at times is quite a common phenomenon during stressful times. But do you face this problem every now and then? If yes, you should analyse and evaluate what makes you undergo anxiety. Perhaps a visit to your health care provider or a walk-in to a counsellor might offer some help in dealing with […]

Foods to Eat During Stress and Anxiety | Possible

Foods to reduce stress and anxiety

Reviewed By, Shanumukha Priya M-Phil, Food Science & Nutrition  Did you know that food plays an important role in stress management? “You are what you eat”! Believe it or not, your body and frame of mind passively depend on the food you eat. Table of Content Symptoms of Stress and Anxiety Stress Relieving Foods Foods […]

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