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Deep Breathing – A Simple Exercise To Rejuvenate Your Mind and Health

Importance of deep breathing

Written by Megha More – CO-Founder & COO  & Medically Reviewed by Dr. Shunmukha Priya. S– Post graduate in Food Science and Nutrition Would you like to know the number one thing that is never related to weight loss, and yet is super important? Today, I am going to talk about one of the fundamental sources of […]

5 Essential Nutrients For Women’s Health! | Possible

Women's-health nutrients list guide

Reviewed By, Shanumukha Priya M-Phil, Food Science & Nutrition Women are more susceptible to diseases like breast cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes etc, due their complex body. Apart from having a complicated body function, they also have a stressful life while pacing between work and personal life. Hence, they need some special nutrients that will […]

Drinking Water Fights Inflammation And Helps In Weight Loss

Uses of water

You must have heard from many health and nutrition experts or for that matter from your friends as well as family to drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water a day (approx. one litre). It is said that water flushes out all toxins from your system, makes your skin glowing, keeps you hydrated, […]

Know How Viscous Fiber Helps In Weight Loss and their 2 types

Viscous Fiber Helps In Weight Loss

Reviewed By, Shanmukhapriya M-Phil, Food Science & Nutrition  Viscous Fiber:  For reducing weight, counting the calorie intake and not bothering about the Fiber intake, we are been misled. The popular belief, more the Fiber intake, the more it instills weight loss is not completely right. If our goal is weight loss, we need to be […]

Foods to Eat During Stress and Anxiety | Possible

Foods to reduce stress and anxiety

Reviewed By, Shanumukha Priya M-Phil, Food Science & Nutrition  Did you know that food plays an important role in stress management? “You are what you eat”! Believe it or not, your body and frame of mind passively depend on the food you eat. Table of Content Symptoms of Stress and Anxiety Stress Relieving Foods Foods […]

All you need to know about Antioxidants | Possible

Antioxidantsare the latest inhealthbuzz that help you in staying healthy and keeping fit. But do you really know what they are? Yes, antioxidants help to eliminate harmful toxins from our body. But, there is a whole lot more to this information. Read on: Before getting started with the details of antioxidants, it’s important to understand few […]

5 Major Nutrients for Women’s Health | Possible

Reviewed By, Shanumukha Priya M-Phil, Food Science & Nutrition  Apart from having a complicated system inducted with reproduction, a woman’s body is also prone to many diseases like breast cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes etc. Table of Contents Calcium Vitamin D Folic Acid Vitamin B12 Omega 3 Fatty Acids  A woman’s life is even more […]

Healthy Oils for Deep Frying | Possible

Reviewed By, Shanumukha Priya M-Phil, Food Science & Nutrition  The traditional Indian cuisines and desserts demand deep frying in healthy oils. And no matter how much we proclaim to eat healthy, cooking oil plays a major role in validating the assertion. Deep fried foods are indeed unhealthy and can lead to heart diseases and high […]

Ginger Black Pepper Tea Recipe

Ginger pepper tea

Both ginger and black pepper are healthy spices used in most parts of the world. Ginger is bound with anti-inflammatory compounds that battle free radicals and pathogens within your body, whereas black pepper, due to ‘piperine’ presence, promotes good immunity. Ginger and black pepper blended together with tea give exquisite flavor and aroma. 1 cups […]

Ideal Time To Eat Your Meal | Possible

ideal time to eat meals

So, how important is the ideal time to eat your meal? We say, what we eat is important. Eating healthy and nutritious foods can help in weight loss and disease free life, to a great extent. But, how far does eating in right time adds to the healthy lifestyle? Well, eating your meals in time […]

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