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8 Do’s And Don’ts Of Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Plan

Do's and Dont's- Post pregnancy weight loss

Motherhood is an excellent experience; it renders the feeling of contentment and completeness to a woman. But alas, along with pregnancy comes the nasty weight. Shedding extra pounds seems to be a tedious task as climbing a rock. Table of Contents: Reasons for excessive weight gain during pregnancy Do’s And Don’ts of Post Pregnancy Weight […]

8 Tips to Get Back to Your Old Self After Pregnancy!

Weight loss after cesarean delivery

Childbirth brings a whole new version of you. Suddenly from a simple woman, you turn into a Mom, and that is something else! Your lone time becomes your baby time, your dresses become baby-friendly dresses and your entire clock suddenly revolves around the baby. Table of content  Don’t be panic about body change Don’t get […]

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