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Probiotic bacteria, the innate army to the rescue | Possible

What are probiotics

All you hygiene and hand sanitiser fanatics/enthusiasts, I have got some news. Scrub, wash, sanitise all you want; we will continue to be a hotbed of the microscopic ‘creepy crawlies’. Table of content The war within How probiotic bacteria help in health Probiotic bacteria in the diet Food for thought  Although this bit could have […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Add Probiotics To Your Daily Diet

Probiotics for healthy stomach

The term probiotics refer to dietary supplements or foods mainly dairy products that contain beneficial bacteria that are found in our body. These microorganisms by colonising in our gut mainly the intestines assist in improving digestion and help protect from infections caused by the harmful bacteria. Table of contents Probiotic impact on health Probiotic maintain […]

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