Calorie Counting Doesn’t Count In Weight Loss!

Medical Reviewed by Shanmukha Priya, M.Phil and Ph.D. in Food Science and Nutrition

As a health and fitness company, we have witnessed people worrying about calories. Most of us believe that calories are the biggest enemy that make us fat. And so, the only way to lose weight is cutting on the calorie intakes. We start counting calories frantically before we even eat them.

Sit tight, as we are about to reveal some prevailing secrets on calories that you must know.

When you take a stroll down the calorie aisle, not all calories make you fat rather it’s your hormones that are responsible for weight gain or weight loss.

So, it’s time you stop worrying about calories and eat only those that contributes in weight loss.

Do you need proof? Sure you do!

Not all calories are equal!

Technically an apple has much more calories than a 200 ml cola and yet apple is healthier than cola. How?

When you eat an apple it increases your metabolic rate regardless of the calorie it is entrenched with. Whereas, a glass of cola having lesser calorie sends a fattening message to your body, thereby, slowing down your metabolism mechanism.

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Diet cola makes you fatter

Yes, the diet colas you have been sipping on does not help in weight loss. The fact is diet cola contains zero calories, yet it is more fatten than the regular cola.

Diet cola has artificial sweeteners that increase your sugar cravings. As it is not a natural source of sugar, your brain keeps demanding for sugar, thus, adding more calorie.

Calorie counting doesn’t consider stress or sleep

It’s strange that we blame calories for becoming fat. Think, what a stressful day and lack of proper sleep can do to our healthy. According to research, depression and sleepless nights are the major causes of obesity.

Both sleep deprivation and stress can lead to metabolic disorders that causes serious health issues majorly weight gain.

Stay happy and well rested to be fit!

Food timing

Skipping or delayed meals can actually accelerate weight gain and not weight loss. Irregular meals lead to starving and over eating, this releases excess insulin in our body that stores the fats and sabotages the waistline. Eating at regular intervals actively helps in weight loss.

These facts give you enough reasons to go nutritious not calorie less. Now eat more to stay healthy!

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