Can Weight Loss Diet Lead To Hyperacidity and How To Manage This

Hyper acidity

Not eating right during your weight loss plan can lead to hyperacidity and severe discomfort. Take to low acid weight loss diet plan to ensure a healthy and happy weight loss journey.

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What can be the relation between acidity and weight loss diet? Well, as per doctors maintaining a normal body weight has several benefits including a healthy gut.

If you are obese then it is likely that your gut and esophageal muscles and valves will be under enormous pressure and would not function optimally.

So firstly, if you are obese and are facing problems in your gut including acidity, you may be advised to lose weight.

If you are prone to acidity and are on a weight loss diet then be careful to choose your foods as certain weight loss foods can cause hyperacidity.

It is also advisable to avoid foods that more readily make gas in your gut, like the cruciferous vegetables, as the excessive gas pressure in your gut may cause your esophageal valve to push up and you may experience acid reflux symptoms like chest burn or heartburn.

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Low acid weight loss diet plan 

If you are planning to lose weight and are prone to hyperacidity then it is best to avoid foods that give you acidity or gas in your stomach.

High acidic foods when they break down due to digestion produce substances that have lower pH than your stomach. This causes the pH environment of your stomach to dip below normal thus giving you hyperacidity problems.

Your low acid weight loss diet to beat hyperacidity

It is best to avoid alcohol as though alcohol is basic yet when digested breaks down to produce high acid levels.

Caffeine, carbonated and soda based drinks, chocolate drinks should be avoided as these are high acid causing beverages

It is best to consume green tea or herbal drinks that benefit your digestive system.


weight loss diet to beat hyperacidity
weight loss diet to beat hyperacidity

You may also take buttermilk and coconut milk as these have an alkalizing or soothing effect.


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  • You may avoid cauliflower and other cruciferous vegetables as these can produce more gas. It is also not advisable to consume excessive full milk as though milk is alkaline it produces more gas. Choose low-fat milk if you want to have some. Having curds and probiotics can be beneficial.
  • Do not dress your low-fat diet salads with excessive onions, garlic, black pepper and vinegar as these are all high acid foods. Though onion and garlic are more alkaline they cause gas formation so it is best to limit their intake. It’s best to replace these with yogurt, fresh cucumber, corn. Tomatoes and peppermint should be avoided as these cause high acid.
  • With the exception of lime water which is citrus yet has an alkalizing effect upon digestion, highly citrus fruits and fruit juices cause high acidity and may be avoided.
  • Most fresh vegetables like peas, beans, carrots, spinach, and lentils are low acid foods and can be included in more quantities in your low acid weight loss diet plan.
  • Fibre-rich cereals like oats, quinoa, brown rice, whole grains, bran, and whole wheat are low acid foods and are also beneficial for the digestive tract.
  • If you are not a vegetarian then it is best to avoid red meat and opt for marine foods.
  • Avoid over processed, deep fried, highly sugary, overcooked and stale foods altogether. Eat fresh and healthy foods.

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How is gas caused in the gut?

One reason for gas formation is the inability of your gut to completely digest the food eaten by you. In your small intestine reside several types of bacteria. The gut bacteria consume the undigested food present in your small intestine and give off the gas during the metabolism process.

Some people may have a leaky small intestine and have trouble absorbing the nutrients. The unabsorbed nutrients may leak out and be acted upon by the bacteria in the gut.

Also if your large intestine is not able to properly clear out your stomach wastes then waste matter may rot inside your gut and cause gas as well as make you diseased.

Are probiotics good for the digestive system?

Curds and yogurt are the traditional probiotics. There are advanced probiotics available in the market.

Though curd is sour yet when the curd is broken down in the stomach it yields an output having higher pH than the normal stomach pH of 3.5 and hence has a soothing effect on the stomach as it neutralizes the excess acid and increases the stomach pH.

Advanced probiotics contain substances that encourage good bacteria growth in your colon. Good bacteria produce several enzymes and proteins that are beneficial for your body and they are also known to produce substances that have high pH than your stomach and hence lower acidity.

Can hyperacidity cause weight loss?

Our stomach functions best at a pH of 3.5. If the pH environment is below 7 then the medium is said to be acidic.

Hence our stomach performs best at mid acidic medium levels. pH environment below 3.5 in the stomach causes acidity and pH environment above 3.5 in the stomach implies an environment where food will not be properly digested by your stomach and have a problem getting metabolized by your body leading to weight gain due to fat deposition.

Lower than normal stomach pH will give you acidity in the stomach and you may experience stomach cramps and pain. If you don’t do something about the problem immediately you may lose weight due to inability to eat properly.

You may experience acid reflux and weight loss symptoms due to hyperacidity in your stomach. Acidity is harmful to your internal organs and causes damage and malfunction. Hence it is better to adopt healthy weight loss measures if you are planning to lose weight.

How to cure acidity permanently?

Exercises like walking and swimming can strengthen your gut muscles and improve gastrointestinal motility.

Eating low acid causing healthy and fresh foods seasoned with digestive herbs is good for your gut health. It is best to avoid highly spicy, over fried, and over-processed foods as are available readily in the markets.

Gluten rich foods should also be avoided. Diets should consist of simple and healthily cooked foods as far as possible.

Alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine should be cut down absolutely especially if you are prone to acidity. It is not good to pop in the OTC antacids now and then as these may cause several side effects. Their consumption should be limited and based on medical advice.


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