7 Iron Rich Foods That Should Be Part Of Your Weight Loss Diet

7 Iron Rich Foods That Should Be Part Of Your Weight Loss Diet

Iron-rich foods play a far more important role in your body’s health than you think – they are said to aid in weight loss efforts.

A body lacking in iron needs to work harder to gather energy, leaving one lethargic and fatigued and not being able to do any physical activity, leading to weight gain.

Here are 7 iron rich foods should be included in your weigh tloss diet

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Did you know?

Iron deficiency could result in Pica, an appetite anomaly where such people crave for and eat odd things like sand, dust and other inedible things.

foods rich in iron

1. Spinach:

Popeye has been saying it all these years, and we seriously need to heed him now! Spinach is one of the iron rich food and offers numerous health benefits for very few calories.

100g of cooked spinach has 3.6-4g of iron, which is almost 20% of the RDI (Recommended Daily Intake).

Spinach is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants which help in iron absorption, protects the eyes from disease, decreases inflammation, and even reduces the risk of cancer. Are you tired of eating iron-rich foods in boring ways? Here’s an interesting take on a spinach omelet.

 2. Legumes:

The nutrient-rich legumes such as soybeans, peas, chickpeas, lentils, beans, etc. are iron rich foods that are perfect for vegetarian diet. Around 198g of cooked lentils, for instance, contain almost 6.6-7g of iron, which makes a whopping 37% of the body’s RDI.

Potassium, magnesium, and folate-rich legumes have proven to decrease heart risks and reduce inflammation in individuals with diabetes.

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However, these iron-rich foods also help greatly towards weight loss as it is rich in soluble fibre, which reduces one’s calorie intake and increases the feeling of ‘fullness’.

Did you know?

study concluded that a high-fibre beans diet is equally effective as a low-carb diet dedicated to weight loss.

3. Dried fruits:

Dried fruits such as plain pistachios, prunes, apricots, raisins, etc. are some of the best choices when it comes to iron rich foods. 165g of raisins contains 3.1 mg of iron and account for 17% of a person’s iron RDI.

Similarly, 130g of apricots account for 19%, 123g of pistachios account for 28%, and 174g of prunes account for 9% of an individual’s iron RDI.

Dried Apricots are iron-rich fruits

Dried fruits are also rich in fibre, which aid the smooth functioning of the digestive system, are filling and promote weight loss. Mix dried fruits in your daily smoothie or have them as a snack separately – these will work wonders for your body.  

Do you like eating fruits? Here are some amazing iron-rich fruits you should be eating.

4. Tofu:

The soy-based Tofu is one of the best iron rich foods around, is high in calcium and protein, and has amazing nutritional qualities. Due to its versatility, Tofu has become very popular among vegetarians and somewhat of a staple in Asian cuisine.

In fact, 126g of Tofu contains 3.6 mg of iron, accounting for 19% of a person’s RDI iron requirement. The same amount of Tofu accounts for a mere 94 calories and has very low fat.

Tofu is also a great source of proteins, selenium, magnesium, calcium, thiamine and several other minerals too. 

Tofu chilli soup recipe
Tofu soup
Did you know?

According to a study in the 2015 issue of the Journal of Nutrition, scientists have deducted that snacking on high protein soy foods helps put a lid on hunger by giving one the feeling of fullness.

5. Broccoli:


This cruciferous wonder is one of the vegetables high in iron and is not only incredibly nutritious but also contains plant compounds which fight cancer. 

156g of cooked broccoli contains 1mg of iron (6% of the body’s RDI iron requirement) and also packs an amazing amount of Vitamin C (168% of the RDI), helping the body absorb iron.

Broccoli also aids in weight loss because it is low on calorie content (100g of cooked broccoli has merely 34 calories) and is fibre and water-rich which fills one up and delays the secretion of ghrelin, the hormone which makes one hungry.

6. Quinoa:  

The South American grain Quinoa has been a diet staple for centuries and is one of the best sources of iron. 185g of cooked quinoa contains 2.8-3g of iron, accounting for 15% of one’s iron RDI requirement.

Quinoa is also high in protein and dietary fiber which make one’s stomach fuller, making it less likely for them to binge on unhealthy foods. Combining quinoa with beans and iron-rich vegetables will make your meal even more healthy and full.

Apart from the above, Quinoa also contains protein, manganese, copper, magnesium, folate and a plethora of other nutrients.

7. Pumpkin seeds:

The time has come fall in love with the portable and tasty pumpkin seeds, which are heavily loaded with iron and contain tons of minerals, nutrients, and omega-3s.

For instance, 28g of pumpkin seeds have 4.2g of iron, accounting for 23% of the body’s iron RDI, helping reduce risks of depression, diabetes, and insulin resistance.

iron rich foods vegetarianHowever, one of the biggest benefits of pumpkin seeds is that they aid in weight loss.  These heavy, dense foods are fibre-rich foods which will keep you satiated by filling you up, leaving you consuming fewer calories and being less hungry over a period of time.

There is no dearth of iron-rich food options out there. Just know that since the body cannot produce iron on its own, it needs to be consumed in different forms on a regular basis.

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1.What are the best iron-rich foods?

Some of the best iron-rich foods are red and organ meat – chicken/beef liver, mussels, mollusks, clams, oysters, canned sardines, cooked turkey, tuna, salmon, perch, haddock, halibut, ham, veal, and the likes.

2. What are some vegetarian options for iron-rich foods?

Legumes, lentils, peas and beans, seeds and nuts, leafy veggies such as spinach, kale, etc., tomato paste, potatoes, mushrooms and the tropical vegetable – palm hearts are some of the best plant-based, vegetarian foods that contain iron.

3. What are some ways to maximize iron absorption in the body?

Eating a well-balanced diet with iron-rich and Vitamin C-rich foods, cooking in cast iron vessels, keeping a good time difference between meals and drinking milk (which prevents absorption of iron by the body), balancing food and tea and coffee breaks (which also block iron absorption) and considering heme iron sources (meat-based foods) are some ways to better iron absorption.

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