Does Possible weight loss program work for diabetes clients?

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Diabetes and weight loss are two very crucial terms that are interlinked and plays an important role when it comes healthy lifestyle ahead.

Therefore, diabetic weight loss should be the major focus for eradicating the lethal effects ahead like chronic diseases and organ damage.

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The International Diabetes Federation reported that approximately 425 million individuals had type 2 diabetes worldwide in 2017, and this number was expected to reach 629 million by 2045. Around 60 per cent of the diabetics are found in Asia.

Due to its long-term health consequences, focus in this area has to be strengthening up. The focus is needed in taking preventive and curative measures with healthy diet and exercise.

The obesity or increased weight is the one of the main reason for the occurrence of diabetes globally. There are many ways to head towards diabetic weight loss: medication, diet and lifestyle modification

The science behind the relation between obesity and diabetes

It has been seen that higher body fat percentage leads to insulin resistance that hinders the blood glucose metabolism and consequently the case of Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.

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Also, the abdominal fat is very hazardous. The abdominal fat cells release a compound called Adipokines that counteract the function of Insulin. Consequently, Insulin resistance seems to occur.

This insulin resistance, causes

  • Imbalanced blood sugar level
  • Increased weight due to hormonal imbalance, oestrogen especially

Therefore, diabetes weight loss should be the main focus rather than normal weight loss to assure the regulation of blood glucose parameters as well.

Diet approach for diabetic weight loss

The market is flooded with supplements claiming the fastest pace of weight loss. Similarly, lots of medications and synthetic alternatives are available commercially that assist in regulating the blood sugar level.

But the long-term consequences should be considered which ensure sustainability. This is the reason why the diet approach is considered the best approach for weight loss along with correcting the blood glucose parameters.

Possible, a wellness company, is a firm, believing in the principle-to treat the system and not the symptoms’.

The company encourages the intake of natural, functional foods rich in fibre, antioxidants- ‘Superfoods’ along with scientifically designed diet plan and experts guidance throughout as well.

Indian diet chart for diabetics

The purpose of the diet chart is not to include fancy food items with the mere accomplishment of objective but it should be designed in such a way that is easy to understand and follow, to extract the best out of it.

Therefore, the preference regarding cuisine and regional preference matters. Possible provides you with the Indian diet chart specially designed for diabetes so as to serve the purpose of weight loss and blood sugar regulation.

Reliability of weight loss program for regulating diabetes

The issue of reliability comes when it is uncertain at the initial stage about the kind of supplements that will be administered and consequently, the long-term impact on health.

A lot of research and studies have been conducted where it has been proven that the desired effects are average as compared to the side effects, that were on the significant side.

Possible makes sure to give you efficient results in a natural way and the output is firm, sustainable and achieved in a healthy way.

A study was conducted by Possible on 55 subjects (21 males and 34 females), who were ready to voluntarily participate and administered with Superfoods for the duration of 12 weeks.

These superfoods comprised of fenugreek seeds, basil seeds, cinnamon and psyllium husk. The results clearly showed the weight reduction as depicted in Table 2. Also, an improvement in the blood glucose profile was also witnessed (Figure 1).

Table 1: Impact on the weight of the subjects with the administration of the Possible Diet plan for 3 months





Final Initial


Weight (kg)


98.7 80.7



Figure 1: Improvement in the Fasting Blood Sugar Level and Postprandial Blood Sugar level of the Subjects with the Possible diet modification

What are you seeking and what you found?

Undoubtedly, you are seeking for the diabetic weight loss and the desire to lead a healthy lifestyle ahead. But the question arises, what you got after going through various studies, blogs, personal reviews and experiences.

Is the ultimate aim is to just to lose weight or have better health and disease-free future?

The world out there is full of options that can tempt you. But the right and wise choice-making have to be in your hand.

Know for yourself, what is better, healthy and trustworthy, not only because of claims but because of principle, the foundation.

A lot of people have tried, achieved their goal, assuring of leading the healthy life ahead. Try for yourself and make the difference. Create your own success story.

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  1. Jeremy Chen says:

    Along with diet, How about regular exercise like jogging, running, and walking for weight loss. Is it more effective than diet ?

    • somaraghavendra says:

      Hi Chen! We would like to inform you that diet will play vital role in weight-loss. 80% from the diet and 20% from physical activity.Keep following our blog to know more health information.

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