High Carb Foods Are Not Bad At All, Really!

healthy high carb foods

How many times have you tried stopping yourself from eating carbs or scolded yourself on gorging on high carb foods?

A lot of times, Right? Somehow, it is a common notion that once you have set your weight loss goals, you shouldn’t even see a carb-rich food. Carbohydrates become your biggest enemy and you try to keep yourself away from it.

Well, now, it is high time to bust your myths regarding carb food, especially high carb foods. High Carb Food can be your ‘Friend’ in weight loss goal. Yes! You read it right!

All foods high in carbs are not unhealthy. In fact, there are many healthy high carb foods which you must include in your diet to achieve your weight loss goals [1].

There are many whole grains, fiber rich food which contains high amount of carbohydrates, yet they are super healthy.

10 High Carb Foods That Are Truly Healthy 

High Carb Foods To Include In Your Diet
High Carb Foods To Include In Your Diet

1. Oats

Who doesn’t know about the great health benefits of oats? Well! Raw oats contain 66% carbs, and nearly 11% of that is fiber.

Apart from reducing risk of heart ailments or being a wonder grain for diabetes patients, Oats promotes weight loss by keeping a person full for a longer time.

So, include this high carb food in your diet and get yourself in perfect shape.

2. Quinoa

This nutritious food has high carbs of around 21.3%. Being a good source of protein and fiber, quinoa falls under the category of healthy high carb foods.

You can have it guilt free when on weight loss program.

3. Whole Grains

Whole grains are high on carbs food yet they are much better than refined grains. Cooked Millet, Brown Rice,

Whole wheat pasta, couscous, buckwheat and wild rice are some of high carb foods which are a must to include foods in your diet.

4. Beans

You don’t need to think before consuming certain beans which are another contender in our list of healthy high carb foods.

Pink beans, white beans, kidney beans, Black Turtle Beans, Yellow Beans and Cranberry Beans, are excellent health-promoting foods which are high on carbs.

Being rich in vitamins, minerals and plant compounds, these beans can be very effective in improving blood sugar level [2].

5. Pulses

Cooked Lentils, chickpeas and split peas are quite high on carb content, yet they are highly nutritious. Chickpeas belong to legumes family and are a great source of plant based proteins.

In fact, chickpeas are good for your heart’s health and prevent cancer. So, when you are following weight loss regime, don’t forget to include chickpeas and cooked lentils [3].

6. Apples

Can you believe this healthy and nutritious fruit is high on carbs? Apples contain around 13- 15% of carbs.

But they also contain small amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber which make them super healthy option of all times.

A well known saying – ‘ An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ is quite true as apples reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes [4].

7. Grapefruit

With around 9% of carb content, grapefruit also comes in the category of foods high on carb which are very healthy.

Grapefruit not only helps in weight loss but also prevents kidney stone and risk of cancer. By eating grape fruit, you will be consuming certain essential vitamins and minerals which are beneficial for your health [5].

8. Sweet Potatoes

When cooked, these yummy sweet potatoes contain about 18- 21% of carbohydrates, which is quite a high amount.

However, they offer several health benefits as they have fibre which make them a better substitute of a potato, which is not a healthy high carb food.

9. Bananas

Bananas are quite famous for their high carb content. Despite this, they are very healthy option as high level of potassium in banana improves heart health and lowers blood pressure [6].  

10. Dried Fruits

We all are aware of the health benefits offered by the dried fruits like raisins, cashew nuts, dates, dried figs and dried apricots.

But do you know, these super healthy foods are quite high on carb content? So, consuming dried fruits in moderation can have positive health effects on our bodies.

All carbs are not bad! You just need to choose right carbs and eat them in right quantity in order to receive maximum benefits of foods high in carbs.  

So, next time, don’t say ‘No’ to every Carb! So here we helped you break the health myths related to high carb foods, which may have been stopping you from relishing their goodness. Let us tell you that every food is good in moderation and so is the case with high carb foods.

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