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14 Power Foods For Men To Help Maintain A Healthy Weight

power foods for men

Medically reviewed by Shanmukha Priya, M.Phil and Ph.D. in Food Science and Nutrition Men have special dietary needs to meet their requirement for higher calories.  The diet for men should help them maintain their muscle mass and higher energy requirements. Power foods for men should be a blend of proteins, lean meats, carbs and fibre to keep […]

Here are the benefits of Toor Dal that every health conscious person should know!

Medically reviewed by  Shruti Mundhra, Postgraduate Degree in Food and Nutrition The protein-rich Toor or Arhar dal is a staple food in any Indian kitchen. It makes for tasty accompaniment with rice or chapati and it has plenty of health benefits. Being rich in folic acid, Toor dal is included in a number of dishes across India […]

Good Carbs For Weight Loss! | Possible

We all are aware, carbohydrates are unhealthy grains! It makes us full and bloated, if we need to lose weight and be fitter, we have to learn to say no to carbs, which is partially true. Carbohydrates provide fuel for the brain and body. It embeds in us the right energy required. And so, instead […]

High Carb Foods Are Not Bad At All, Really!

How many times have you tried stopping yourself from eating carbs or scolded yourself on gorging on high carb foods? A lot of times, Right? Somehow, it is a common notion that once you have set your weight loss goals, you shouldn’t even see a carb-rich food. Carbohydrates become your biggest enemy and you try […]

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