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Indians tend to store fat around the waistline easily. Having said that, research shows it is one of the major causes of several chronic diseases like diabetes and heart problems.

Belly fats are the most stubborn fats in your body and they are pretty tough to get rid of! Men above 40 inches waist size and women above 35 inches are considered to have abdominal obesity. To get a fairer idea about the different ways to reduce that belly fat, have a quick look at the video below.

We bet, if you follow these ways with utmost determination, you can get the fat free belly that you have always wanted. Check this one out!

Here are 7 ways to reduce belly fat that will help to achieve a trimmed and sexy waist.

1. Eat more protein
2. Eat small meals
3. Include foods rich in fibre, especially viscous fibre
4. Cut carbs from your diet
5. Don’t eat sugar and avoid sugar-sweetened drinks
6. Go for aerobic exercises
7. Get a good sleep

belly fat
Protein helps to carve down the extra pounds

1. Protein helps to carve down the extra pounds

Proteins are power nutrients that help to burn fats by increasing the metabolic rate.  If you are aspiring for a healthy weight, then protein is certainly your food.

According to studies, people consuming good quality protein regularly do not have belly fats.

Protein helps to reduce hunger pangs and cravings, which helps to cut down on unhealthy and voracious eating. It evidently aids in weight loss and also averts in weight gain. 

Foods like lean meat, fish, cheese, milk, tofu, eggs and bean are rich in protein.

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2. Eat small meals

Eating small meals help to accelerate the metabolic rate as it controls the overeating.  People with optimised diet are said to be the healthiest and fittest by all means.

An individual should have 5-6 small meals with the duration of 3-4 hrs rather than having 3 big meals, which makes us feel full and lazy throughout. This leads to belly fat deposition big time!

3. Eat more of Viscous Fibre to lose fats

Viscous fibres are soluble fibres that help in weight loss. It is considered as one of the best diets around the world. Eating more viscous fibre reduces the appetite, thereby, helping weight management.

Viscous fibre turns water into a dense gel that settles in the gut. This slows down the digestion and bowel movement. Foods like Oat cereals, Flaxseeds, Oranges and beans are excellent sources of fibres.

4. Drop the Carbs Intake

Low carbs diet significantly helps to lose weight. According to research, low-carb foods triggers fat loss around the organs and liver. We all know, countries with high carb staple foods are more prone to obesity.

Foods like white rice and white bread, which is a part of daily food, contain high and refined carbohydrate. This is where belly fat comes from! Replace the refined carbs with healthy unrefined carbs like whole grains. This is one of the remarkable ways to reduce belly fat. 

5. Say No to Sugar and Aeriated Beverages

Sugar in our diet is the major reason behind weight gain, especially tummy fat. Sugar contains glucose and fructose. Among these, fructose can only be absorbed by the liver. When there is too much ‘refined’ sugar consumption, the liver converts the fructose into fats.

Fructose intake

According to the studies, fructose is majorly responsible for fat accumulation. Sipping on sugary drinks sends tempting signals that lead to more sugar cravings. This can hinder the ways to reduce belly fat to a great extent.

6.  Sweat it out with Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercise is one of the essential steps towards losing belly fats. It not only shreds down the fat but also helps to build stamina and boost your energy for the rest of the day. Aerobic exercises such as jogging, brisk walking, running and swimming bring in remarkable change just within weeks of regular exercise.

7. Enjoy 8 hrs of beauty sleep

Sleep is as important as nutrition and exercise. Some studies have shown fat accumulation around the waistline due to sleep irregularity. Generally, insomniacs are obese, reason being, they tend to munch on midnight snacks which are for your information, is a factor inhibiting the ways to reduce belly fat. 

8 hrs of sleep
Happy sleep

Moreover, our body tends to release harmful secretions if our body does not rest for a long time. Hence, don’t miss sleep! 

It is very important to note here that our belly fat is greatly influenced by the raging hormones in our bodies. That is why, to keep our waistline intact, we need to keep control over our estrogen levels.

Tap on the video below to get enlightened on the ways to reduce belly fat by controlling these chemical substances aka hormones with the help of different foods.

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