How To Rev Up Your Slowing Metabolism After 50 Years


Being young means full of energy and eating anything that you can. With ageing, you may face some difficulties.

Decreasing metabolism is a common phenomenon with the ageing process and lack of activity and lower muscle mass can decrease the rate of burning calories.

Even fittest people develop some problems with age.

You may no longer be able to eat the way you used to eat in your 20s, but this doesn’t mean you have to accept weight gain.  

One of the biggest problems is increased weight over time. The lower rate of metabolism plays the biggest role here.

Proper eating and exercising are not the only solutions to this problem. Many things can be done through which you can rev up your metabolism after 50.

1] Staying More Active

Indulging yourself in activities that keep your energy levels up is much more important rather than doing one hour of intense exercise once a week.

Use stairs instead of the lift and walk as much as you can.

Not only this, go out and play with your kids. This will help in increasing the heart rate and giving your metabolism a boost.

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Sitting in one chair in your office for the whole day be a big problem.

If possible, try walking around more often, maybe during the lunch break or after the office hours.

Target to complete some steps daily. This will help you in keeping a count of it.

2] Working Out More

People with leaner muscles have faster Metabolism rate.

However, if only a few muscles of your body are lean, you get the best benefits of exercising vigorously.

It is recommended to engage in activities that help in strengthening more than one muscle group.

Working on multiple muscle group at one time will naturally help you to burn more calories.

Also, involving more muscle groups mean increasing the creation of more muscle fibers.

In this way, you can burn more calories and in return increase the lean muscle mass.

3] Building Muscles

Building Muscles
Building Muscles

Loss of muscle is one of the reasons for decreasing metabolism. One can do strength-training exercise for muscle building which will increase the metabolism rate.

Strength-training thrice a week can help to build your strength. Weight lifting, doing body-resistance exercise can help in building calorie-burning muscle.

4] Planning the Time of Your Activity

Making a routine for exercising every day can be helpful. While some choose morning time, others may consider the free time after work.

Doctors suggest to bring in physical activity both in the morning or in the evening. This helps in raising the heartbeat level up.

Exercising in the morning for approximately 15 minutes can help in boosting your metabolism, and you will be full of energy.

5] Completing Your Quota of Protein

While protein is quite essential for your body, Intaking protein in excess will only get stored in your body as fat and not muscles. So you have to do this diligently.

For non-vegetarians it is easier to consume fish or any other kind of meat, vegetarians are not short of options.

Plenty of plants such as beans, broccoli, asparagus etc are rich in proteins.

Another benefit of eating a plant-based diet is that it provides the body with necessary fiber that can be helpful for your digestive system.

Eating enough proteins can balance hormones and blood sugar levels.

6] Eating Proper Meals Throughout the Day

Skipping meals can help you in no way. You may end up eating more than required due to cravings.

It is recommended to keep eating some snacks and a small portion of meals throughout the day. It will help you in increasing your metabolism.

Never skip any meal of the day, especially breakfast as it will slow your metabolism rate than it was while sleeping.

7] Getting Adequate Sleep

Getting Adequate Sleep
Getting Adequate Sleep

Getting 8 hours of adequate sleep every night can help in balancing the fluctuating hormones. Also if you get enough sleep, you will be able to resist cravings for food easily.

If the body is sleep-deprived, it will lower your metabolic rate in order to conserve energy.

8] Doing Yoga Everyday

Yoga is one of the best ways to increase your metabolism rate.

Suryanamaskar is great for building strength and increasing flexibility of the body. You will be exercising and feeling relaxed, both at the same time.

Yoga is not just a form of physical activity but actually a science. It helps you in the weight loss journey not only by improving flexibility and by burning energy, but also by fostering mindful eating.

Are you new to yoga? Watch out the complete video of Yoga for Beginners

9] Doing Moderate Intensity Cardio

Doing burpees, jump squats increase your heartbeat.

People over 50 may find it difficult to do these exercises as it is hard on joints but it can surely boost up your metabolism rate.

Lower impact exercise is as good as high-intensity exercise and a more sustainable option. Brisk walking or calm cycling is also good for body and mind.

10] Resetting Your Timing for Meals

While eating healthy meals in small proportions is important to increase your metabolism, this won’t work unless you eat at a proper time.

As people grow up, their rate of metabolism declines, and it is essential they stick to the time.

People above 50 should experiment with their meals and decide whether they’ll prefer two meals a day or 5 small meals a day.

Also, try to eat dinner at least 2-3 hours before bedtime as your body will work more on your calories when you are active.

11] Discouraging Use of Diet Drinks

In order to keep the weight under control, you may think of opting for diet soda. But this habit is not a good habit.

These diet drinks contain artificial sweeteners which are not good for your health. It can also induce metabolic derangement’s.

12] Sipping Green Tea

Drinking green tea every day can help you burn 100 calories every day.

Antioxidants are present in green tea which supports metabolic health. It also helps you to stay active for the whole day.

How Green Tea Helps in Weight Loss? – 5 Facts About Green Tea

13] Adding Zinc in Your Diet

Eating multivitamin may not do enough for your body.

If you are a thyroid patient, zinc can help in producing hormones which regulate metabolism and boost up energy levels.

It can also be helpful in controlling your hunger levels.

Zinc is also helpful for women post Menopause. Eating Shellfish, dark poultry meat can help you in getting your dosage of zinc.

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