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Detox diet for men is important to beat the toxin buildup in the body. Detox diet helps cleanse the system inside out, and removes the bad effects of stress that most men suffer from. It ensures you lose weight in a healthy manner while eating right.

Need for detox diet | Why try the diet plan | How does the plan work | Result of the detox diet

Why do men specially need a detox diet plan? you may ask. Research shows that men are more prone to stress which even results in high mortality rate as compared to women.

With the increasing prevalence of stressful and busy life, our bodies have become a store house of toxins. It becomes crucial to get rid of these toxins, and that is why there’s a need for the men’s detox diet plan .

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So what does this diet plan do for you? It cleanses you inside out.

It helps you undo the harm you might have caused your body through binge eating, lack of sleep, excess alcohol or smoking etc. It ensures you eat a healthy meal while losing excess weight. The detox diet works on improving your metabolism.

Need for right detox diets for weight loss

According to World Health Organization, 2017, the rate of obesity has tripled since 1975 and the scenario in 2016 was 39% of adults aged 18 years and above were overweight and 13% were obese.

Is it not the alarming time to initiate the preventive and curing measures ahead? This is the reason of increased awareness and demand among population globally; people are seeking best remedy to get rid of all the stressors from the body.

Why should you try Possible’s detox diet for men

As an initiative, Trueweight, a weight loss and wellbeing brand, has designed this detox plan to help prepare your body for a weight loss program.

It helps cleanse your system for good. The diet plan has to be followed for time duration of 10 days. After the completion you should try the exclusively designed for men diet plan for one month to manage your weight and fight obesity.

This detox diet plan  comprises of Superfoods that act as detox cleansing agents, having natural ingredients and no artificial supplements. What made these superfoods interesting is the fact that it is not time consuming, convenient to use and tasty.

For example, the plan has hibiscus tea with natural hibiscus petals rich in anthocyanins and Vitamin C. Similarly, Teatox. is a  detox tea that is a perfect blend of natural ingredients like cinnamon, pipali, pepper and Amla.

Similarly, a detox drink, available in sachets, ready-to-mix form. These detox drinks are rich in protein contributing to the presence of whey protein, probiotic culture and skimmed milk powder among other ingredients.

These detox tea and detox drink boosts your metabolism and removes toxins, thus leading to weight control.

Efficacy of this detox diet plan

When administered to the male subjects with their written consent, the findings revealed that at the beginning of the program, 30.6 percent of the males were belonging to the overweight category ( 25.1 – 30.0 kg/m2) , 47.2 percent were in obese category (30.1 -35.0 kg/m2 ) and  22.22 percent were in the severely obese category (BMI > 35.1 kg/m2 ).

After the intervention with the detox diet for weight loss,  a slight shift in their BMI was witnessed; the overweight category increased by 11.1 percent in male clients along with a reduction in the severely obese category from 22.2 percent to 16.7 percent.

detox diet

This detox cleansing was further followed by one month diet programme in which 2.8 percent men subjects shifted to normal BMI category (<24.9) which was not existing at the initial stage.

Implications of the healthy detox diet for weight loss

The metabolism varies individually as well as on the basis of gender.

As men have more lean muscles which are metabolically more active and therefore, their metabolism, pattern of energy expenditure varies, which should be considered during any detox diet for weight loss programme to assure its healthy approachability.

The study reflects the efficacy of Superfoods and the diet plan which can ensure healthy lifestyle ahead by reducing the risk of metabolic disorders like hypertension, diabetes mellitus and Cardiovascular diseases besides making your body free from harm causing toxins and chemicals as well.

1] What is the duration of the detox diet for weight loss?

It depends on the objective to achieve – whether to break the plateau during weight loss journey or the amount of stress or physiological situation. The diet plan varies from 2 days to 10 days.

2] What is the effect of the detox diet?

When your body is going through a detoxification process which includes a change in diet pattern and food items, you can experience symptoms like headache, acne, fatigue, mood irritability. However, your body stabilises within three days and you feel refreshed.

3] How efficient can be the detox diet plan for weight loss for men?

Possible can ensure best detox for men because the plan has health enhancing superfoods like oats, fenugreek seeds, guar gum, spirulina etc.

4] How the detox diet programme functions in the body?

It helps in removal of free radicals, stressors and heavy metals like arsenic, lead, mercury, etc, as include more of  citrus fruits, water, millets and herbs and condiments like basil seeds and fenugreek seeds.

5] Are there any side effects of following the detox plan?

Depends on the kind of detox ingredients been taken. It might make you feel lethargic, more sweaty, with acne, fatigued during this phase due to calorie restriction.

6] How are the Superfoods different from the commercially available supplements?

The superfoods are prepared with the natural ingredients and no artificial additives that ensure natural detoxification phenomenon and not artificially induced.

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