Tips for a Healthier & Fitter 60s!

truweight is possible now

Have you been giving up weight loss ideas just cause you are in your sixties? Well, studies show that it’s never too late to plan a healthy diet.

Manage your weight in 60s
Manage your weight in 60s

Yes, be it 16 or 61, you got to work for your body and health. And that’s why we didn’t stop our weight management series in the 50s. While body metabolism is declining at a greater speed than in your younger age, the fat getting stored in your body has to be handled even now. So without delaying further, go ahead with the following handy tips for weight management in the 60s to look fabulous and sexy in your 60s.

1. It’s time to measure the body fat

At the 60s, you should not at all lose muscle mass or bone mass. And in fact, more than the body weight, focus on losing the body fat. Avoid packaged foods, unhealthy cooking oil or fried foods. You got to keep an eye on your waist inches now than ever!

2. Have more proteins

If you were having just enough proteins in your diet now it’s time to even double it. Dietary protein is extremely important in order to help you keep up your muscle mass which is important for weight management in the 60s. Hence, include more and more proteins in your diet. Be it through lean protein sources or protein drinks.

3. Everday workout

Although a growing age will make your body feel less energized, do not skip exercises. If your retirement plans just had travelled and enjoying, you must add a daily workout regime to enjoy the former plans. You can go for strength training, that can help a lot in the weight management in the 60s. However, it is advisable to take up exercises after a consultation with your physician. Your body is now not similar to the one you had decades ago. So take up exercises after thorough consideration of your health concerns.

4. Eat small meals frequently

At 60, your body metabolism will be facing situations that will slow it down. Under this condition, one must go for smaller meals at frequent rates, instead of heavy meals or starving for a long time. It is advisable to follow a balanced diet plan that is suitable for your age.

It’s time you invest in your health with a right guidance. Let our nutrition experts plan the perfect diet for you! Because you are different and so should be your diet. Click here and book an appointment today!

4. Find good company

At this age or at every age, you will need a circle or at least one buddy to help you out. So while you are on your weight management goal, having a friend with similar agenda can motivate you and help you.

So don’t waste your 60s thinking it’s late. Instead, embrace it with open arms.

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