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Have you tried going on a diet but 2 weeks of keeping at it, you realized it is impossible for you to stick to it?

Or how about blaming a hectic lifestyle for ditching your diet midway? We have all been there, done that way too many times.

Don’t you worry, all hope is not lost. We give you the seven most common reasons you can’t make it till the year end with your diet plan, despite new year’s resolution et al. Even if you fall off the wagon, instead of giving up, get up and start again.

Healthy diet plans and weight loss
Fad diet plans often fail

Better still try out diet mentors who can guide with doable action plan that ensures you eat right, eat healthy and lose weight all at the same time without really failing again.

First let’s find out why you fail to hold on to your diet plan. Here are your reasons:

1. Bad diet and no results

Well, the no. 1 reason you give up is because of a bad diet plan. Imagine trying to survive only on tomatoes the whole day, as in the GM diet.

Or eating all fat foods for a long time like in Keto diet. These unbalanced diets only deprive your body of essential nutrients and, in the long term, of interest to continue with it.

How many times have you stared at the face of hunger but restricted yourself because of a ‘diet’? Have you found yourself in a restaurant on a non cheat day and cursed your diet plan?

When diets plans are restrictive with no options, then you will tend to rebel.

The Solution:

Follow a well-crafted diet plan and not just a fad diet. A well balanced meal plan will be very close to what you are used to eating.

That way you are gently laid off high indulgent foods. That way, you wont even know when you reached close to your ideal weight goal.

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2. Don’t track the progress

You have a fairly good diet plan and have embarked on it since a month. However,  you are still stuck on the same weight or gained more.

The disturbing fact is you have not even lost fat nor gained a muscle. An average joe would give up at this point but what you probably lacked was tracking your diet’s progress.

The Solution:

An old method was to use diet dairy but nowadays, many apps are available which not just help you track what you ate while at work but also sends reminders.

Download the Possible app. It is one such interactive and easy to use app wherein you can also chat with your dietician in case of queries.

3. No physical activity

Exercise and weight loss
Exercise is important

All work and no play can make anyone dull. Similarly, only dieting and not having any form of physical activity won’t yield sustainable results.

The Solution:

While most of the abs are indeed made in the kitchen, you need that extra push of physical activity to get the most stagnant of the metabolism fired up.

So jog, walk, do yoga or join a gym. After all, they will keep your muscle and joints agile and infuse you with energy to continue on your diet.

4. Not effectively tackling temptations

You are on a diet but the big pack of chips is staring right at you when you open the cupboard. The minute you open the fridge, the big bowl of ice cream shouts to you to finish it up.

The Solution:

If temptations are everywhere around you, any good diet will fail. Hence you need to diet proof your kitchen, much in the way one baby proofs the house.

Keep only healthy snacks within eyesight. Throw away the fried ones in the bin and never shop for them.

5. Slow metabolism

Many people have a slow metabolic rate and no matter how much you sweat in the gym. Their weight loss is going to be insignificant.

This can be highly demotivating but slow metabolism is a problem that can be solved.

The Solution:

By eating the right kind of foods every 2 hours, drinking enough water, building muscles, understanding the hormonal setup can help you lose weight the healthy way with minimum efforts.

6. An undetected hormonal issue

An underlying hormonal issue is one of the BIGGEST reasons for slow weight loss and finally slipping out of a weight loss regime.

Hormones play an essential role in body metabolism, weight gain, energy levels, emotions, and moods.

The Solution:

Hence it is important to consult a nutritionist who will investigate properly and give you a wholesome diet.

Did you know, apart from hormones, there are 7 root causes for weight gain. Read here to know.

7. No support from family

For any diet to be successful, it need ample emotional and physical support. Imagine eating a salad while the family feasts on butter chicken.

The Solution:

It is important to have a frank talk with the family members. Any indulgent outings could be delayed or planned for a different time.

It is also important to educate the family on healthy eating practices which will ensure they follow suit and remain healthy.

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