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How Does Having Lemon Water On A Daily Basis Help You Lose Weight?


Lemon water for weight loss ? It’s not just celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow who swear by the drink. The hoopla seems to stem from a 2008 Japanese Study which identified the polyphenols in lemon to improve fat metabolism, thus leading to less weight gain.  Table Of Contents How does lemon water for weight […]

Why You Should Have Lemon Water For Weight Management

lemon water for weight loss

Lemon water is not only delicious but also has many medicinal values. Lemon water cleanses the body, stimulates the liver, and improves digestion and elimination process. Lemon water is the new fitness mantra these days and rightly so, given the enormous health benefits lemons have to offer to the mankind. Some people actually start their day […]

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