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7 Healthy Ideas to Enjoy Ramadan and Delicious Iftar Recipes

Healthy Ramadan Recipes

Not only fast, but Ramadan is also the month of abstaining from impurities like gossiping and cursing. As the new moon makes its appearance, the followers of Islam from all over the world, embrace the holy month of Ramadan. Some Quick Ramadan Recipe tips to start off How to lose weight in Ramadan? Here’s the […]

All You Need To Know To Stay Fit And Eat Healthy During Ramadan

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Ramadan may give you a chance to indulge in your favorite food, since not eating all day should be rewarded with exceptional evening meals, right? But do you know that Ramadan can be a perfect opportunity for the healthy beginning your body needs. Fasting, as we all know, has been recognized for numerous health benefits.  Table […]

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