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What Causes Eating Disorders, Types, Symptoms And Treatment


Medically reviewed by Darshita Thakkar, Nutrition Training and Quality Manager for PAN India Eating disorders affect millions of teens and young adults around the world. They are most common in cultures that focus on weight and body image and can affect people of all genders, races, and ethnic backgrounds. Eating disorders are mental disorders defined by abnormal […]

What Are The Types Of Eating disorders & It’s Impact On Body Weight

All about eating disorders

Many people don’t regard eating disorders as actual problems but the reality is somewhat different. The eating disorder is actually a mental condition and quite serious. It is not just a method to lose weight, or going on a diet but actually more than that. Table of Contents What is an eating disorder? The causes […]

Anorexia Nervosa: Know about this Eating Disorder | Possible

Eating Disorder

How would you classify someone who is morbidly obsessed with rapid weight loss; easily rattles off the calorie count of any food; spends more than 2 hours in the gym AND could be underweight? Health-conscious, overzealous, or someone who could have an eating disorder? If you opted for the last one, you are possibly correct. […]

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