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Coriander Rice Recipe | Healthy Recipe | Possible

Healthy coriander rice

  Coriander Rice Recipe Rich in antioxidants and a wonderful flavour, coriander rice is a recipe that is sure to increase your craving for it. 1/2 cup Brown rice 1 cup Coriander leaves , tightly packed and a handful 1 cup Onion chopped 1 inch piece Ginger 2-3 Green chilli Salt as required For the […]

Tasty Lauki ki Sabzi Recipe

Lauki Ki Sabzi Recipe Tasty and Healthy

  Tasty Lauki Ki Sabzi Recipe Lauki (Bottle Gourd) is one of the most loved vegetables during the summer season. Though it is a common vegetable in our kitchen, loved by some, and hated by many but, it has excellent nutritional benefits also.  Lauki contains essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin […]

Possible Healthy Chana Jor (Zor) Salad

chana salad

  Possible Healthy Chana Jor (Zor) Salad Do you love making your own salads at home? Salads are very comfortable to make because it is hassle free and does not require cooking. Salads are healthy, delicious and work best for those who want to lose weight. Try this recipe with a twist in which you […]

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