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Colourful Mixed Pepper and Corn salad

Mixed Pepper and Corn Salad Recipe

  Colorful Mixed Pepper & Corn Salad This time, Possible brings to you a colorful treat of bell peppers and sweet corn. The brightly coloured veggies actually belong to the chilli pepper family, but their mild flavour and juicy crunch jazzes up a salad, adds a delightful crunch to pizzas, and tastes fantastic when grilled! […]

Healthy Tangy Corn Salad Recipe

Corn salad recipe Healthy and Tasty

What looks lovely and tastes even better? No answers for guessing that it is this salad made from sweet corn twisted with a tangy taste. The salad provides a riot of colours thanks to the capsicum which brings a healthy dose of antioxidants like carotenoids, vitamin E, vitamin C on the table. Treat your eyes […]

Salad Do’s & Don’ts: Remember While Making Healthy Salad

truweight is possible now

When you think of something healthy and refreshing to eat, it’s the salad that comes to the mind first. But did you know that all salads are not made equal – you have the really healthy ones and the not so healthy one. Check out how to make a healthy salad right here. You must […]

Mixed Vegetable Salad | Possible

Vegetable salad for diet

  Mixed Vegetable Salad | Possible Need a fibre fix to prevent constipation after a heavy night of partying? The mixed vegetable salad is definitely your friend then. In addition to the fibre, vegetables are good sources of water-soluble B-complex vitamins. Lemon in the salad not just adds tang but also provides vitamin C. Dig […]

Banana Stem Salad Recipe

Banana stem salad nutrition

  Banana Stem Salad Fancy a fibre treat for that resistant body weight? Well, nothing spells of fibre like the banana stem salad. Rich in insoluble fibre, the kind that will sit tight in your stomach for a long time, vitamin B6 and potassium (much like its sweet fruit), the banana stem is a treasure […]

Tomato Stackers Recipe | Possible

Tomato stackers - Healthy and tasty

  Tomato Stackers Bored of serving up the salads in a bowl? Does it look daunting for you to eat an entire bowl? We have just the solution in the form of tomato stackers. So get out all the cold salad ingredients, slice them up thin, stack ‘em and crunch on them as a snack […]

Cabbage Carrot Shredded Salad with Seeds Cocktail

Cabbage salad

Cabbage Carrot Shredded Salad With Seeds Cocktail Cabbage is one of the cruciferous vegetables which is purported to have many health benefits and hence a must include in the diet. It is rich in fibre and an antioxidant compound named 3-3 diindolylmethane. Carrot with its fibre and vitamin A content is a good include in […]

French Beans Sesame Saute

French beans recipe

  French Beans Sesame Saute Looking for a light salad to whet your appetite or are you looking for a flavoursome salad which will help in your weight loss quest? Then this French bean sesame sauté is a must-make recipe. Rich in fibre thanks to the French beans and calcium, contributed by the smattering of […]

Sprouted Barley Salad Recipe | Possible

Sprouted recipes Barley salad

  Sprouted Barley Salad Recipe Whole grain barley has fast risen to prominence due to the fibre, vitamins and minerals offered by it. Barley is a rich source of manganese, the antioxidant enzyme generator selenium, iron, thiamin, folate, magnesium among other nutrients.  In addition, much has been researchers about beta-glucans provided by barley. Sprouting further […]

Chole Chaat Recipe | Possible

Chole chaat

  Chole Chaat This high protein and fibre beans are named after a popular North Indian recipe named Chole. Coming to the nutritional benefits, we can rattle off a list of nutrients contained in chickpeas. Right from vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and the list can continue. A notable mention […]

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