Refer a Friend for Weight Loss & Stand a Chance to Earn upto 25k

Possible - Honest way to lose weight
Possible – Honest way to lose weight
Possible is giving you the opportunity to pass on the proverbial baton of good health to all your near and dear ones! And there is a neat benefit in it for you too!!

“Did you know, your social circle has a deep influence on your weight! If your friends are on the heavier side, you are more likely to gain weight. However, if they are slim then the odds of weight gain goes lower [1].”

Yes, they could either influence you to get fat or YOU could bring a healthy change and make your friends and family fit!
We totally understand this and hence have a special ReferEarn/ referral program. You stand to benefit not just monetarily but morally too by passing on this health advantage! 

Now, your pal will pay you

Refer 1 friend/relative and you get Rs. 3000

Three’s a company

Refer 3 friends/relatives in a month and you could earn Rs. 3000 extra. That is 12k

We give you a quarter

Get along 4 friends or relatives and you stand to pocket 5000 extra. That is Rs. 17k

We are a family

Refer 5 friends/relatives and you will get bonus 10k ratcheting your earnings to 25k. 


  • Applicable on packages above Rs 15,000

  • Cheques will be given after 10 days of package is over

  • All referrals should pay by 30th of June

So grab this golden opportunity now! Refer and friend and earn too! Click here to avail! 

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