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Amaranth is a superfood powerhouse of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that offer many health benefits.

A good source of fiber, a regular dose of this grain in your diet improves digestion. Amaranth is a good source of protein and helps in lowering cholesterol.

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With the growing consciousness towards eating healthy foods, there is a revival of age-old ingredients that were once a must in our diet.

Amaranth, with its numerous health benefits, is one such item.

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Today it is considered a superfood. It is a nutrition powerhouse with a high quantity of proteins, vitamins and essential minerals.

For the generation obsessing over the balanced diet, healthy body and fitness regimes, this grain is one of the healthiest foods which can perfectly support your health, fitness, and weight loss goals.

Here are the reasons why amaranth a superfood

1. Rich in proteins

When it comes to proteins, Amaranth is considered ‘complete’ as it contains lysine, an amino acid that is negligible in other grains. With around 13- 14%, it has high protein content which improves metabolism and ensures proper growth and development.

A great amount of proteins not only helps in muscle recovery but also aids in weight loss by keeping you satiated for a longer time.  

Amaranth Superfood
Amaranth Superfood

2. Good for your heart health

Amaranth has phytosterols which have cholesterol-lowering properties. So consuming amaranth is highly beneficial for your heart health and even lowers the risks of heart attacks and strokes.

Also, the great amount of potassium found in Amaranth maintains your heart health by relaxing the blood vessels.  

3. Amaranth is gluten-free

Being gluten-free, amaranth is a must to have food for people suffering from celiac disease.

For others also, gluten seems to have harmful effects on our health in terms of joint pains, headaches and poor memory. However, for people having an intolerance to gluten, this grain is nothing less than a wonder food.  

4. Good source of vitamins and minerals

Amaranth is a powerhouse of various vitamins and minerals which are essential for keeping us healthy and fit. Amaranth’s high quantity of calcium helps in maintaining bone health along with repairing and strengthening weak bones.

Amaranth, with its high dose of manganese, is quite helpful in preventing diabetes by reducing high blood sugar levels. The folate found in amaranth aids in making new cells and fulfills the requirement of this highly critical vitamin in pregnant women.

You can also get a sufficient amount of Vitamin C from this grain, thereby boosting your immune system. Being rich in iron, amaranth helps in producing blood for your body along with aiding in various metabolic processes.

5. Improves digestion

By consuming amaranth, you can be assured of a good amount of dietary fiber which helps in improving your digestive systems and regulating the excretion of bodily waste.

Moreover, getting a proper amount of fiber from amaranth supports the growth of beneficial bacteria, helping in healing the leaky gut syndrome.  

With such an amazing nutrition quotient, this age-old dietary staple can be safely regarded as a superfood that has everything you need for a healthy diet.

So, let Amaranth top your grocery list as you look into the ways you can include this superfood in your regular diet.


1] What is amaranth?

It is starchy seed grain that can be eaten as a regular cereal. It has been grown in India and other parts of the ancient world especially South America. Amaranth is comparable to rice and maize and can be had as a cooked cereal. 

2] What are the health benefits of amaranth?

It is considered a superfood as it is rich in fibre, proteins, lysine, amino acids and other vitamins and minerals. About 100 gms of cooked amaranth gives you 103 calories and keeps you full much longer. 

3] How does amaranth help in weight loss?

It is gluten free and and low-carb food. Having amaranth daily lowers bad cholesterol levels which is important for healthy weight. It is also important for over all cardiovascular health.  

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