7-Day Diet Plan To Reduce Belly Fat By Expert Nutritionists

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Medical Reviewed by R Sindhu Vas, Masters of Food Science and Nutrition

Belly fat is a common sight in India. Even people who have healthy BMI and are not considered obese or overweight have belly fat. 

In fact, according to studies, belly fat, or central obesity, can have a higher mortality rate [1].

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Researches show that people with less belly fat are at lower risk of suffering from asthma, type 2 diabetes, blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, etc, and vice versa[5].

Considering a diet plan to reduce belly fat is essential not just to look good but also to reduce the risk of developing the diseases mentioned above.

The Good News: Even though the belly is one of the most stubborn areas to lose fat, studies conducted among our clients have proved that the belly fat can be reduced with a healthy diet and regular moderate exercise at home. 

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7 Days Diet Plan to Reduce Belly Fat

Healthy eating habits are essential for a fit body and a sound mind. Diet modifications should be made to reduce belly fat and lose overall weight. [2]

Possible’s Scientific Research Officer, Dr. Shunmukha Priya .S, has the best 7-day diet plan to lose weight and healthily reduce belly fat. [3] 

The best part is that this is a healthy Indian diet plan to reduce belly fat, which means the diet is both doable and sustainable by the Indian population.

Breakfast Meal Plan

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it must not be skipped. After a satisfying breakfast, you can have some healthy and light mid-morning meals. A bowl of fruit salad or sprouts would be wholesome.

Check out our recommended breakfast plans for 7 days of the week below.

Monday1 Stuffed muli/ cauliflower paratha + curd (2nos.) 
Tuesday2 Idlis/ 1 mung chila + A bowl of sambar + A small bowl of Red Chill Chutney + boiled egg white (2 nos.) 
Wednesday2 Brown bread veg sandwich + + 1 Banana/ Pear/ Papaya
ThursdayA Medium bowl of Barley Porridge/Oats + Boiled egg white/sprouts cooked (3tbsp)
FridayA  Medium bowl of Oats / Cereals + A small bowl of fresh fruits
SaturdayA  Medium bowl of Oats / Cereals + A small bowl of fresh fruits
Sunday1 Dosa + A  bowl of pumpkin sambar + A small bowl of coriander chutney + A glass of cucumber and carrot  Juice 

Lunch Meal Plan

Lunch should be of moderate quantity and wholesome. A typical healthy lunch that our nutritionist recommends is a bowl of brown rice with some paneer or chicken, 2 chapatis with sabzi and buttermilk.

Below, we offer some healthy lunch options.

Here are our recommended lunch plans for 7 days of the week.

Monday2 Missi rotis or palak tilwala Brown rice (1 bowl) + A small bowl of Paneer makhni + A small bowl of capsicum salad
Tuesday1 Small bowl of Brown rice + 1 bowl matki amti curry / a small bowl lean meat/fish preparation (low oil) + Mixed veg salad
Wednesday1 Small bowl of roasted chicken and veggies salad + 2 Wheat Rotis + Mix veg curry + A small cup of low-fat yogurt
Thursday1 Plate of Paneer tikka kabab + brown rice veg pulao (1 bowl) + Raita
Friday1 Medium bowl of poha + a plate of fish fry + 1 Roti + A small bowl of salad
Saturday1 Medium bowl of Steamed brown rice + A bowl of veggie salad + Lauki ki sabzi + Dal curry or egg white omelet
Sunday1 Bowl of Veg Khichdi + 1 small bowl of Veg Raitha

Evening Snacking Meal Plan

Evenings are the time when many tend to eat unhealthy foods and give in to temptations due to hunger and ‘evening chai’.

But in order to reduce belly fat, you have to be conscious of what you eat. A cup of green tea with some steamed corn can be a good combination for a healthy snack. Here we bring you some healthier evening snack options.

Here are our recommended evening meal plans for 7 days of the week.

Monday1 cup  ginger tea +  2 whole wheat low on oil khakra
Tuesday1 cup Green tea +  Steamed Corn (3tbsp)
Wednesday1 cup Green tea + bowl of Sprouts chat
Thursday1 glass Fresh Strawberry smoothie
FridayA glass of Buttermilk and 1 Khakra/khandvi
SaturdayA cup of fat-free, flavor free yogurt + 2 flax sesame ladoo
SundayA glass of whey protein shake + A small bowl of amaranth and raisin mix

Dinner Meal Plan 

Finally, the day comes to an end and we should be eating healthy before going to bed. A quick tip here would be to avoid your frequent trip towards your fridge to look for snacks, that can really hamper your diet to reduce belly fat.

According to our experts, dinners should be kept light and it is better to eat some vegetable salad or some healthy soup bowl.

For more healthy dinner options, check out the diet plans below.

Monday1 veg Uttapam + mint chutney (3 tsp) + green soup (1 bowl)
Tuesday 1 Ragi Roti +  chole masala + Mixed vegetable  Salads (1 bowl)
Wednesday 1 bajra roti + a small bowl of pepper dal curry/paneer gravy + mixed veg soup (1 bowl)
ThursdayPaneer Frankie + cucumber sprouts salads (1 bowl) Tomato soup (1 bowl)
Friday1 small bowl of Veg ragi semiya or ragi ball + A small cup of sambar + Mixed peppercorn salad (1 bowl)
Saturday 1 palak wheat roti + usual curry + 1 bowl of Mixed veg salads
SundayBoiled or baked sweet potato + 2 pieces boiled fish/paneer tikka + lentil and tomato soup

Our Dietitian Recommended Diet Plan

If all that seems a bit too much for you to do, here’s a short and handy diet chart by our expert dieticians that you can download, print and paste in your kitchen:-

Diet plan for reducing belly fat
Diet plan for reducing belly fat

Super Foods to Reduce Belly Fat

Now that you have the perfect yet easy diet plan to reduce belly fat, here’s a list of superfoods that you can include in your diet to make the process even better and tastier :

1. Avocado

Avocado contains a digestive enzyme called lipase. This enzyme breaks down the fat and helps with digestion.


2. Yogurt

Yogurt is yummy, and our go-to quick bite for a cup full of protein. Researchers found that yogurt is rich in amino acids and phenylalanine, which trigger hormones to make you feel satiated for a long time hence reducing the appetite. It also boosts the immune system.

yogurt for weight loss

3. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are rich in essential nutrients like protein, fiber, zinc, and potassium. These nutrients help in muscle development and restoration; as a result, your body stores less fat.

pumpkin seeds

A study concludes that dietary fiber intake, independently of macronutrient and caloric intake, promotes weight loss and dietary adherence in adults with overweight or obesity. [4]

Healthy detox diet for weight loss

After the intervention with the detox diet for weight loss,  a slight shift in their BMI was witnessed; the overweight category increased by 11.1 percent in male clients along with a reduction in the severely obese category from 22.2 percent to 16.7 percent.

This detox cleansing was further followed by a one-month diet program in which 2.8 percent of men subjects shifted to the normal BMI category (<24.9) which was not existing at the initial stage.

The metabolism varies individually as well as on the basis of gender.

As men have more lean muscles which are metabolically more active and therefore, their metabolism, the pattern of energy expenditure varies. This should be considered during any detox diet for a weight loss program to assure its healthy approachability.

The study reflects the efficacy of Superfoods and the diet plan which can ensure a healthy lifestyle ahead by reducing the risk of metabolic disorders like hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and Cardiovascular diseases besides making your body free from harm-causing toxins and chemicals as well.[6]

1200-calorie diet plan to reduce belly fat

Sticking to a 1200-calorie diet plan can also help belly fat reduction. However, while following the diet, one should ensure that they include all the food groups and eat nutritious foods. Below we share a 1200-calorie diet plan to lose belly fat.

1200 calorie diet plan to reduce belly fat
1200 calorie diet plan

Disclaimer: Possible does not encourage calorie counting and strongly advises against it since all calories are not the same. We encourage healthy and nutritious eating and urge our readers to eat foods that are wholesome and nutrient-rich. Before adopting a calorie-based diet, one should be aware of its pros and cons and should absolutely discuss with a dietitian/healthcare professional to prevent side effects.


As mentioned, losing belly fat is not an easy feat. A doable and wholesome diet is needed to execute it. As much as diet, exercise is also very essential for losing belly fat. Indulge in activities like crunches, leg raise, plank, etc. These exercises will target the core, which will help reduce belly fat. Coupling these exercises with cardio exercises will make it even more useful.

 Exercise regularly and follow the given diet plan to reduce belly fat. You will see that flab melting away within a few weeks.

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