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Medically reviewed by Shanmukha PriyaM.Phil and Ph.D. in Food Science and Nutrition

For the younger looking body, all you need to do is to eat right, sleep well, exercise, and stop smoking.

A healthy lifestyle goes a long way in keeping you fit and young. Give it a try. While ageing is inevitable, one can definitely slow down the process, especially of premature ageing.

You really don’t need rocket science or expensive medical procedures to have a younger looking body. Dull and lifeless looking skin and sagging body can be rejuvenated make

Table of Contents:

1. Be Food Wise

Anti-ageing foods do not constitute a single category of food that must be consumed.

It comprises a series of fruits and vegetables that must be consumed on a daily basis in order to witness good results.

For a younger looking body, you need a combination of the following food. Ensure to add these into your daily diet.

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a) Have Antioxidant Rich Food

Think fresh and juicy fruits and berries. They are rich in polyphenols – very powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants are a must for the younger looking body.

Why? antioxidants prevent the process of oxidation and remove harmful free radicals from the blood which could lead to major diseases like cancer and heart ailments.

b) Indulge in Spices

Increase the intake of spices in your diet. Indian food is naturally spicy and therefore proves to be effective for anti-ageing, and great for the younger looking body.

Spices like basil, fennel seeds, cumin, turmeric, etc prevent oxidative damage to the cells.

c) Sip on Green Tea

Drinking three cups of green tea on a daily basis has the potential to reverse cellular damage and increase the longevity of cell life.

The benefits that it has on the skin are phenomenal. Green tea bags can be dabbed on the skin for a refreshing look.

d) Have Kiwi

Regular consumption of Kiwi has the potential to prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.

According to the nutritional break-up of kiwi fruit, per 100 grams contain 154 percentage of Vitamin C, which is almost twice that of lemons and oranges. Vitamin C acts as a powerful antioxidant, eliminating free radicals.

e) Gorge on Green Vegetables

Green vegetables are rich in fibre and nutrients and thus are effective in replenishing the nutrient content desired by the human body.

f) Munch on Nuts

Including nuts in your daily diet is very important. Nuts improve brain activity, keeping it active.

This keeps the body active and prevents any kind of lethargy. Thus enabling the person to feel younger.

2. Practice Yoga – It Helps

Practice yoga or other mind-body activities at least twice a week, to give yourself an energy boost, help build bone mass, and de-stress.

More energy, better posture, greater flexibility, improved mood, and less stress are just some of the rewards of this mind-body workout.

Through conscious yoga breathing, you become aware of the connection between mind and body. That translates into major anti-ageing advantages.

Yogic breathing has been shown to oxygenate the cells, ridding them of toxins, helping prevent illness, and making skin radiant.

Yoga poses are designed to work the inside of your body as well as the outside, which helps rejuvenate the digestive system, the reproductive system, even the immune system.

3. Quit Smoking

Add this to the already-long list of reasons to quit. While less serious than reducing your chances of getting lung cancer or heart disease, smoking also damages your looks.

The habit takes a major toll on your appearance, contributing to premature skin ageing, wrinkles, stained teeth, and even increased psoriasis risk.

Smoking increases wrinkles due to facial motion, and it also has a vasoconstricting effect, which means it chokes off blood vessel circulation.

4. Stay Hydrated

Even with a small amount of dehydration, your body functions in a less optimal way.

The instant you are dehydrated, it will take a toll on your skin, causing it to look dull, flaky, saggy and loose.

Chronic dehydration is the number one cause of skin ageing. Drinking water helps to restore the elasticity of the skin and moisturizes on a cellular level, which helps to plump up the skin and add a more youthful glow.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep yourself hydrated and get luminous, healthy skin.

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5. Avoid Stress and Sleep Well

Cortisol, the stress hormone in your body causes mental and physical fatigue, leading to untimely ageing of the skin. For the younger looking body you need to reduce daily stress.

Resort to exercising, meditation, calming massages and aromatherapy. These will instantly charge up your mind body and spirit.

High levels of stress will compromise your skin. Consider yoga or meditating. Eliminate problematic people and activities from your life.

Confide in your friends and openly talk to them about your worries and troubles.

Your skin rejuvenates and repairs itself mostly while you are asleep. Make sure that you not only sleep for eight hours a night but that it is quality sleep.

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With all the all the above great tips you can surely say that now “Age is just a number”!

Following these will help you keep looking younger and fresher – whatever your real age be.

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