9 Weight Loss Vegetables You Should Start Experimenting With Today

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Medically reviewed by  Darshita ThakkarNutrition Training and Quality Manager for PAN India

Most of us, especially who absolutely love their non-veg food, cringe at the thought of eating vegetables. 

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But people who take their weight loss journey seriously and wish to take it to its fruitful culmination, do their research well and find ways and means to enjoy the weight loss vegetables as part of their journey.

So in this article, we have chosen to bring to you 9 vegetables that aid weight loss. 

Weight Loss Vegetables to include in your diet
Weight Loss Vegetables to include in your diet

1. Peppers

We know that spicy peppers have an important role to play in blasting off extra calories but little did we know that mild peppers also have a positive effect on your weight loss fight.

Peppers are categorized as weight loss vegetables that contain a metabolism-boosting compound, dihydrocapsiate along with a high vitamin-C content, which helps you lose weight [1].

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You can simply stir fry the peppers or use it in a salad. Also, you can prepare low-fat dips to go along with lengthwise cut pepper strips.

You could even add green, yellow or red peppers to a fluffy omelette to enhance its taste without adding much cheese. You could also chargrill the peppers and prepare its dip [2]. Pepper as such is a versatile vegetable which can be used in many forms interestingly.  

2. Broccoli

Another weight loss vegetable broccoli contains a phytonutrient called sulforaphane that increases testosterone and helps reduce body fat [3].

Like peppers, broccoli is also rich in vitamin C, which is a nutrient that has the capacity to lower cortisol levels during stressful situations, thereby torching off those extra fat cells; coz stress leads to weight gain!

Broccoli is a weight loss vegetable which tasted bland and takes up the taste of the form it has been prepared into.

For instance, you could prepare a nice creamy broccoli soup [4], or a broccoli salad, or maybe a grilled broccoli with some interesting herbs. You could also whip up mashed broccoli instead of that sinful mashed potatoes.   

3. Spinach

Spinach – another weight loss vegetable, is a highly rich source of protein, a nutrient which super actively supports muscle growth and more muscles mean lesser fat content in the body.

In addition, spinach is also rich in thylakoids, a compound that suppresses hunger pangs and reduces food cravings.

Yet again, spinach is a vegetable that gets blended with other ingredients well and provides a nice texture to the dish. Apart from preparing the regular spinach soup and salad, you could prepare the very tasty spinach and cottage cheese curry.

You could also combine spinach with lamb or chicken to make nice non-veg dish. Just a tip: if you are preparing spinach with lamb or chicken, remember to add a bunch of fenugreek leaves also for doing this gives a nice earthy flavour to the final dish [5].

You could also whip up a spinach smoothie with a few pieces of dried fruits and a dash of milk or cream. It is quite a tasty recipe which keeps you full for a long time.

4. Potatoes

Yes.. potatoes… We always think of potatoes as fatty vegetables but what we do not know is that if potatoes are eaten in the right form, can actually prove to be a weight loss vegetable.

So typically we like our potatoes warm, for instance, any curry where potatoes are involved. Even a salad, if it has potatoes, is preferred to be had warm.

But the fact remains that if you eat your potatoes cold as in straight out of the refrigerator, their digestible starches turn into resistant starches through a process called retrogradation.

Now the resistant starch resists digestion, which in turn encourages oxidation, which finally leads to fat reduction. Aversion to the mere thought of eating potatoes cold is understandable and there are various ways of overcoming this problem [6].

You could just bake your potatoes first, then cool them down and make it in the form of a salad combining them with a few interesting greens such as rocket, spinach, lettuce, iceberg, etc adding a bit of greek yogurt and cream.

Season with salt, pepper and olive oil. You could even add a dash of honey to give it an interesting twist. 

5. Onions

Onions are another set of weight loss vegetables [7]. Onions are rich in quercetin, a flavonoid that increases blood flow and activates a protein in the body that helps regulate glucose levels.

It also burns stored fat and prevents new fat cells from forming. Another super benefit of consuming onions is that your heart health is taken care of to an extent.

Onions lower the cholesterol levels in the body and maintain the blood pressure levels. It also wards off heat wave effect if consumed regularly during scorching heat.

Onions are one of the most versatile weight loss vegetables which can be consumed in various forms other than just salads and soups. Oh, by the way, french onion soup tastes gorgeous! You could use raw onions in your sandwiches, burgers, wraps and many other ways.

6. Carrots

Let us introduce you to another weight loss vegetable which is tasty at the same time – carrots. Carrots can be had cooked, uncooked, grated, diced and in various other ways including soups and salads.

The crunch it carries with itself is enough to provide a super taste to any dish it is used in. Even a nicely done carrot pickle is amazing to gorge on a sunny winter afternoon. They contain a high amount of beta-carotene and fiber, both of which aid weight loss [8].

Just prepare an interesting dip of maybe mint & coriander or mayo & garlic or even roasted peppers & jalapeños; dip your carrot sticks in there and enjoy!

Another way of making this weight loss vegetable interesting is to grate it and add it to simmering milk with a little sugar or honey or maybe even jaggery (giving it an even healthier twist) and enjoy it on a cosy winter evening.   

7. Cucumber

Cucumber is a weight loss vegetable which mainly consists of water and is totally devoid of fat or carbs [9]. Cucumbers are best eaten raw with a sprinkle of salt and pepper and a dash of lemon.

By the way, lemon is another weight loss vegetable..so this modest preparation gives you a double bonanza! Cucumbers again can be had in various interesting ways.

Let us give you a few here: you could do grated cucumbers mixed with low-fat yogurt seasoned with salt and roasted & ground cumin.

You could also make cucumber sticks and dip them in some interesting dip before you enjoy it. You could also add cucumbers to a range of salads, soups, wraps, sandwiches, etc.   

8. Celery

Much like cucumber, the main content of celery – another weight loss vegetable, is water. Celery is a great source of fiber, which again aids weight loss [10].

9. Leafy Greens

When we are talking about weight loss vegetables, how can we forget leafy greens [11]? Leafy greens do not contain any fats and are rich in phytonutrients.

So let us be honest. You will not die if you do not consume phytonutrients but when we consume them, they help us stay away from diseases and keep intact our bodily functions.


All the weight loss vegetables we have discussed in this article and many others we did not get a chance to talk about are super healthy for our body, way more than we know. So start exploring the various interesting preparation options you think can think of and start experimenting with your food.

Know of more weight loss vegetables which accelerate burning of fat in the body? Please share with us by leaving a comment below.

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      Hi Manjula,

      Pepper refers to a spice that we commonly use for cooking. Black pepper is the popular one. Abou mushrooms, they are high in protein and fiber and are also quite low in calories. So yes, you can consider including mushrooms too. However, have it moderately and also make sure you have the right and eatable type of mushroom.

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