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Toasted Dahi Sandwich

Toasted Dahi sandwich

  Toasted Dahi Sandwich Sandwiches are children’s favourite but we get outside is anything but healthy. Ditch the unhealthy versions and switch to this healthier sandwich. Your children get to eat what they love but with a healthier twist! A win-win situation for both of you! This recipe is loaded with curd and vegetables that […]

Under a min Mixed Veg Sandwich

Mix Veg Sandwich Recipe

  Under A Min Mixed Veg Sandwich Mixed vegetables is a great idea for many reasons; it provides so much variety and colour to the diet, the presence of many veggies help make up for nutrient sufficiency, you derive the maximum nutrition in one shot.  We are using this to the maximum benefit by making […]

High Protein Bean Sandwich Recipe | Possible

  High Protein Bean Sandwich Well, well! What do we have here? Yes, you heard it right! It’s a sandwich. We care for your taste buds as much as we care for your health, the latter being our priority, though. If you’re thinking of quitting all junk food, this recipe should come to your rescue […]

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