Healthy Drink Ideas: Drinks to Turbocharge Your Health in the Morning

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Healthy morning diet is one of the most important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Starting your day with the right drink will help you improve your health in the long run. So, to make things easier, here are some healthy energy drinks to start your day with a bang. Either to lose weight or to gain healthy weight, choice of your healthy drink can make a difference.

Nutrient rich healthy drinks can help you boost immunity and help you prevent several diseases. In this article we are providing a list of 10 healthy morning drinks to help you start your day on a healthy note.

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Top 10 Healthy Morning Drink Ideas to Start Your Day

Here are 10 healthy morning drink ideas we believe you should start your day with. Check them out from below:

1) Water

One of the healthiest drinks to start your day with is water. Most of us start our day dehydrated which isn’t one of the best ways to start. Not only does consuming water help with easy bowel movements but also with making the immune system stronger. Not a water fan? Here are ways to make your water fun.

How can I make water taste better?

To make plain water interesting, here are few healthy modifications which will make water turn in another healthy morning drink option.

  • Lemon Juice

Lemon juice in itself is packed with vitamin c which can help with weight loss and slow down the process of ageing. Even adding a drop of lemon juice can make a lot of difference.

But is lemon water healthy?

 For people who don’t drink enough water, lemon juice can be a fun addition to your daily intake, not only is it healthy and packed with vitamin c, but it can also help with keeping you hydrated throughout the day.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar might raise a few eyebrows when it comes to its taste, but its weight loss-enhancing abilities can make a huge difference in your preferences. Consuming 1 tablespoon a day can help with improving metabolism and help in burning fat.
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  • Fruit Infused Water

Fruit-infused water is one of the best ways to start your day. While consuming a part of your daily required nutrients with these fruits you also stay hydrated. Adding basic fruits like cucumbers and strawberries can take you a long way with your daily intake. Fruits like strawberries and watermelons can also act as natural sweeteners for your water.
Is it healthy to consume cucumber water every day?

Cucumber-infused water has a lot of health benefits, like lowering blood pressure and improving skin health. It is naturally hydrating and packed with potassium and magnesium.

2) Green Tea

Green tea is one of the greatest options for your morning drinks. It prevents caffeine rush and gives you enough energy to work effectively throughout the day. It can also help with burning fat and reducing muscle damage. Helps in boosting metabolism and burning fat by up to 19% if consumed regularly.

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3) Vegetable Juice

Vegetable juices in general can be an excellent addition to your diet. It makes you feel energetic and rejuvenated throughout the day.  Leafy vegetables like spinach, are packed with nutrients that can help in reducing blood pressure and maintaining heart health

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4) Coconut Water

It is a lesser-known fact that coconut is more hydrating than water. It is also packed with nutrients and its benefits are endless. Coconut water is low in calories and filled with nutrients. It can also help in increasing your body’s metabolism which can take you a long way in your weight loss journey

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5) Noni Juice

Noni is packed with nutrients like vitamin c, potassium, calcium and antioxidants. Not only does it help with weight loss but also with preventing cancer and high blood pressure. Polynesian healers used noni to treat diabetes, aches, tumours, etc., making it an excellent way to start your day. Noni can also help in reducing cellular damage and internal inflammation caused by smoking.

You can: Try our noni kokum juice that can help you in boosting your metabolism here

6) Tomato Juice

Might sound absurd but starting your day with a glass of tomato juice is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Want to lose weight? Drink Tomato juice on an empty stomach. Partied a little too hard last night? Drink tomato juice. Not only is it low in calories but also gives you the feeling of being full only on one glass which can help you a lot with your journey in weight loss.

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7) Hibiscus Tea

While hibiscus tea might not be popular, it is one of the most beneficial organic tea. Being packed with antioxidants is only one of its many qualities. It also lowers blood sugar levels and high blood pressure and reduces “bad” cholesterol.

You can: try our sugar-free hibiscus tea here

8) Fruit Smoothies

Starting your day with a simple smoothie can hugely affect you. Start your day productively and healthily. “Doesn’t making a smoothie require a lot of ingredients that I probably can’t find lying around my house?” would be one of your first thoughts. Well you thought wrong, smoothies can easily be made with ingredients lying around your own house, be it fruits or liquid ingredients. Fruit smoothies also make very good tummy-filling breakfast drinks

Here’s one of our favourite smoothie recipes just for you: Everyday Health Drink – Antioxidant Smoothies!

9) Methi and Jeera Water

Soaking methi(fenugreek) and jeera(cumin) overnight and drinking the strained water can help you with increasing your metabolism which can, in turn, help you with weight loss. This drink can also help in making your workout effective if consumed right before a workout session.

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10) Amla Juice

20-30ml of concentrated amla juice in a glass of lukewarm water can help with increasing metabolism and burning belly fat while having health benefits. Adding amla juice to various vegetable juices can help you immensely with your weight loss journey.

Here’s one of our favourite vegetable juice recipes: Bottle Gourd Amla Juice

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Drinks You Shouldn’t Start Your Day With

Starting your day with alcoholic drinks (irrespective of the fact that they have fruit or vegetable juice in it), carbonated drinks or coffee, is something we wouldn’t recommend.
Why shouldn’t I drink coffee or alcohol or carbonated drinks in the morning?
Well firstly, all of them will dehydrate your body. Coffee will affect your digestive system and cause indigestion and heartburn.
Alcohol on the other hand, if consumed on an empty stomach, will go directly into your bloodstream.

While carbonated drinks can make your stomach bloat and if consumed in a comparatively larger amount regularly for a long period of time they can even cause esophageal cancer.

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Starting your day with a good glass of water is always amazing, but spicing it up with fruits and vegetables is always an option. While some people may not prefer starting their day with a glass of water or any liquid in general. It is important to remember that the way you start your day may affect your entire day. Go ahead, have that glass of your preferred health drink and get your day going. Do tell us which drink you’re most excited to try.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s go through the frequently asked questions on morning health drinks from below:

Q. Is lemon water healthy?
A. It has a good dose of vitamin c to keep you hydrated for a long time, it also helps with slowing down your ageing process.

Q. How can I sweeten my water without sugar?
A. Adding slices or cubes of your preferred fruit can be an effective addition to your water. You can also try honey in lukewarm water.

Q. What should I drink to lose weight?
A. Water is the best drink for weight loss. It has 0 calories and keeps you hydrated, besides water, you can also try green tea or raw vegetable juices.

Q. Which drink burns body fat?
A. Consuming apple cider vinegar and green tea can help in burning body fat.

Q. What should I drink first thing when I wake up in the morning?
A. Drinking water first thing in the morning can help you in keeping your body hydrated. You can always add fruits or lemon juice if you’re not a water drinker. 

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