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Weight loss challenge in women! Yes! Losing weight is a challenge in itself, whether you are in your 20s or 30s. However, it may get tricky to lose weight if you are in your 30s. Why?

People who are in the 30s, especially women require more time and energy to normalise fluctuating metabolism. 

Also, if a person is married or busy with the office, it may become difficult to find time for self.

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This doesn’t mean it is impossible to lose weight if you are in your 30s. Here are some tips that can help you in achieving your goal weight.

1] Problem with time- obstructing you from your goal weight

There are many challenges that can come in your way, especially related to time management. Time scarcity can be a major influencing factor because of family and workload.

One doesn’t have to worry as any problem can be tackled. Time management can be solved if you develop a proper plan of action.

Before you start on your weight loss process, narrow down all the problems that are coming between you and your weight with-

  • Proper organization
  • Advanced planning
  • Timely grocery shopping, and
  • Advanced meal planning and preparation


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If the time-related problem persists, talk to your spouse or discuss with family regarding it and share the work so that you can spare time for yourself for exercising, and meal preparations.

2] Understanding Metabolism and Muscle Mass

Metabolism plays an important role in maintaining your weight, and that is why you need to keep it up. For that, you need to work on your muscles.

It is a common phenomenon for women to lose muscles in their 30s. Keeping muscle mass is extremely important to support metabolism.

Keep challenging your muscles by doing regular workouts. There are many workouts that can be done at the gym or at home. Strength workouts or short, intense workouts can help you in burning fat.

Also, have proper, balanced meals which are optimum in all the essential nutrients and especially protein. Proteins are the building blocks that help in building, repairing and maintenance of muscle tissues.

3] Getting Organized

Women are so busy with their family, career, and kids that they think life will settle down a little later when kids grow up. But this is no reason to stop spending time on yourself. Adopting a healthy lifestyle will benefit for a lifetime.

Plan everything in advance for your weight loss routine. Free yourself for a day and shop for all the ingredients you will be needing for the whole week.

There are many recipes on the internet that you can prepare in advance and stack up in your fridge. Your family members can help you to develop any healthy habit and may also come with you for workout sessions.

4] Don’t Fall for Trendy Diets

Many youngsters go for trendy diets in order to lose weight. However, it may not work for you if you are in your 30s.

Doctors say that women who have dieted until they turned 30 have left their metabolism confused. Every new diet plan has a different starvation method which makes losing weight difficult.

The first thing to do is to calculate your calorie intake. Keeping a food journal before actually going on a diet can help you keep a note of it.

Opt for basic healthy routines like the inclusion of enough proteins in your diet and lowering your sugar intake.

Also, consume a good amount of complex carbohydrates and drink lots of water throughout the day.

5] Protein- Important to Keep Your Metabolism High

While metabolism in the 20s was high, as soon as you hit your 30’s, it starts getting slower.

To keep the pace of your metabolism fast, proteins can play an important role in it.

To be more precise, metabolism is the process that affects your body health and weight aspect. Along with many other physiological processes, muscles also play an important role as it speeds up metabolism.

Losing muscles as you age, is normal biological functioning. Especially if you are in your 30s, it starts to creep in.

All protein food sources
All protein food sources

Weight training is important to build and maintain your muscles but you also need a sufficient amount of protein to keep up.

This doesn’t mean you have to dump all your protein in one meal. It should be equally distributed throughout the day.

It has been found that protein can impact your body in a better way if you include it more in dinner and less in lunch [1].

You can start your day with a protein shake for breakfast and a green salad for lunch. A high protein dinner can be enriching and benefit you.

6] Bring Changes in Your Bedroom

If you have decided to lose weight, then sleeping properly is as important as dieting and exercising.

You are already busy with your kids, career, and family and lack of sleep can be a cause of weight gain, increased appetite, and a lower rate of metabolism.

You will have less motivation to exercise and your whole plan to manage your weight will fail as soon as you start. Make the necessary changes in your bedroom so that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Maintain the temperature of your room between 20-25 degree Celsius. Sunlight should enter the room but not too much. A cool room will keep your mind and body at peace.

Open the windows and let the fresh air enter your room. This also creates a difference in your mood and brings calmness.

Use low lighting in your rooms and avoid bright lights before sleeping time. Turn off your phone and other electronics at least two hours before you sleep. You can also try light meditation and sleep blissfully afterwards.

7] Managing Stress

Being in the 30s, managing many tasks at once and handling both personal and professional fronts, can be stressful. And on top of that, dieting can cause additional stress to you.

This stress can be a problem if, not solved on time. It can influence your hormonal regulation and metabolism rate, that eventually leads to building up of fat reservoirs in your body.

Try some calming workouts, cycling, yoga and meditation techniques that will soothe your mind and relief from stress as well.

If it gets out of hand, don’t hesitate to talk about it with your family members or take professional help.


If you are a working woman in your 30s, you may want to desperately lose weight. In the worst case, you may also opt for the first diet plan you see in a magazine. Never make such a mistake.

Decisions taken during this time can impact you for the lifetime. Think decisively and choose wisely for your lifelong health.

Weight loss is possible if you decide smartly, organize things in advance, and with support from your family, you can choose a healthy lifestyle.

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