6 Weight Loss Treatments You Should Totally Avoid

Weight Loss Treatments

Medically reviewed by Shanmukha PriyaM.Phil and Ph.D. in Food Science and Nutrition

With obesity spreading its wings across the world targeting not only the adult population but also children alike, the number of obese people has increased manifolds and so have the methods of weight loss treatment making it a lucrative commercial opportunity for the Medicare industry.

Since weight loss and management is not an easy road to take, it comes across as a great money-making segment for pharmaceutical companies, doctors and hospitals where they can offer an easy way out of obesity.

Most people on a diet plan encounter a challenge when they have to count their calories and workout with equal vigour to shed a few pounds and that is when artificially induced weight loss treatments start to make sense to them….

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Thanks to their tall claims about easy weight loss! What the weight watchers do not understand then is the long-term view of the whole agenda.

What they do not understand is any artificially induced weight loss treatment generally works in the short term and failing to maintain its results in the long run.

Apart from this, there are many health hazards of artificially induced weight loss treatments [1].

Let us read about 6 artificial weight loss treatment methods and how they work.

1. Say a Big No to HCG Drugs for Weight Loss

Even the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has issued a warning against the use of HCG (Human Chronic Gonadotropin) drugs that are sold as homeopathic medicines for weight loss treatment  [2].  

HCG is a hormone associated with pregnancy and is produced to resolve issues related to fertility. It is not advisable to acquire them over-the-counter for weight loss purposes.

HCG Drops and Injections
Say a big no to HCG Drugs

Users are also advised to consume a highly restrictive diet while they are using the HCG drug.

These drugs are available in the form of oral drops, tablets and sprays and can be found online and in some retail stores. Use of HCG drug as a weight loss treatment has many health risks associated with it.

These include formation of gallstone and improper functioning of the body nerves and muscles due to the body electrolyte imbalance.

2. Artificial Appetite Suppressants

Apart from weight loss drugs, there are various appetite suppressants available in the market for weight loss treatment.

The appetite suppressants increase the production of either serotonin or catecholamine in the body which artificially sets in a feeling of fullness in the brain, which suppresses your appetite.

This may sound appealing but the reality is that these suppressants remain effective only in the short term and have no long term benefits [3].

Avoid Artificial appetite Suppressants
Avoid Artificial appetite Suppressants

This form of weight loss treatment poses various side effects to the user like fatigue, headache, nausea, sweating, increased blood pressure, insomnia, excessive thirst, lightheadedness and dizziness amongst others..

3. Lipotropic Injections Not a Good Idea

Lipotropic injections are one of the weight loss treatment methods which is done by infusing certain substances in the body to facilitate removal of extra lipid quantities from specific body organs like the liver.

Lipotropic Injections side effects
Lipotropic Injections

The surging desire of weight loss world wide has led to Lipotropics injections gaining popularity in the recent times.

These drugs display impressive results in the beginning only to pose health effects in the long run [4].

4. An Insight to Weight Loss Diet Supplements

Following an upsurge of various weight loss treatment methods, the pharmaceutical industry is swarmed by weight loss diet supplements and an increasing number of people have been found using them for quick weight loss results.

They go with this form of weight loss treatment with a “belief” that it can suppress appetite, inhibit absorption of fat and enhance metabolism .

Weigth Loss diet supplements
Weigth Loss diet supplements

Though new weight loss supplements are hitting the markets everyday, health experts have been found dissuading people from using them because of related health effects.

Ephedrine – one of the main constituents of the supplements is known to cause stroke and heart attack.  

5. Steer Clear of Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a weight loss operation performed on people who are obese. This is done by gastric bypass or gastric banding surgery.

Bariatric surgery involves reducing the stomach size. In this, a gastric band is used to tie up a part of the stomach.

Bariatric surgery side effects
Bariatric surgery

This ensures that you are not able to eat much and end up losing weight in the process. This is not a major operation and only small cuts are involved in the surgery.

The process can even be reversed to get the stomach in its original shape and size.

Though patients lose up to even 50% of their weight after the surgery, they are required to follow a strict diet as a follow up to the surgery. It is needless to say that invasive procedures should be absolutely avoided unless really required.

The various ill effects of bariatric surgery are acid reflux, anesthesia-related risks, chronic nausea and vomiting, dilation of esophagus, inability to eat certain foods, infection, obstruction of stomach, weight gain or failure to lose weight, Dumping Syndrome – a condition that can lead to symptoms like nausea and dizziness, low blood sugar, malnutrition, ulcers, bowel obstruction and Hernias [5].

6. Acupuncture – a Safe and Natural Weight Loss Treatment

This form of weight loss treatment comes from China. It is based on the principle that extra weight can result from disturbed flow of energy to and from the hypothalamus located in the brain.

The hypothalamus is responsible for maintaining balance and keeping the body healthy.

 Acupuncture - a Safe and Natural Weight Loss Treatment

It also controls hormones that control hunger and thirst. In this, the size of the stomach is shrunk so that it suppresses the appetite and ultimately leads to weight loss.

Acupuncture involves arousing of particular spots on the patient’s ears which act as a link to all main organs in the body.

The various ear points are aroused using magnets or beads which are taped at those points and left for about a week. Whenever the patient craves for extra food or junk food, the taped magnets are rubbed to suppress the craving [6].

This is one of the safest and natural weight loss treatment methods which does not have any health risks associated with it.

So now that you know of popular weight loss treatment methods and their associated health risks, we would strongly recommend you to employ a healthy & nutritious diet along with a workout regime.

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