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Vitamin Deficiencies That Can Cause Weight Gain

Vitamin Deficiency & Weight Gain

Vitamins D and B12 deficiency and weight gain have been found to be directly related, with research suggesting that a complicated relationship exists between the amounts of minerals and vitamins one consumes and how much one weighs. According to a study which compared obese and healthy adults, 20% more obese adults were found to lack magnesium […]

The D-Lightful Vitamin D for Health | Possible

Vitamin D deficiency and how to gain it

Commonly referred to as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is unique because, if you spend sufficient time bathing in sunlight, your body produces the required amount of vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency How to get vitamin D This vitamin is absolutely essential to ensure strong bones and teeth, prevent osteomalacia (weak bones) and fractures. In […]

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