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Simple And Easy Homemade Shake A Day Ice Cream

  Shake A Day Ice Cream Here is a dessert that is sure to entice your sweet tooth! Made using Possible’s Shake-a-Day, this ice cream is loaded with protein. It is not only easy to prepare but quite healthy too! Dig in without any guilt! Check the recipe below!  1/2 pack Possible Shake a day […]

Here’s Why You Should Try Grilled Fruits for Healthy Dessert

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Fruits!!  One of the most versatile, healthy food group. You can use it in baking, stewing, blanching or grilling to create healthy dessert recipes. Grilling fruit is one such option adding a new definition to your eating routine. We all do know about fruits, its nature, seasonal availability, and benefits. In botanical terms, fruits are […]

Poha Kheer Recipe

Poha Kheer Recipe

Poha Kheer Recipe How about some kheer after that yummy meal? The love for kheer in Indian families is well known. So Possible thought of remixing the traditional kheer with new variations. Possible’s Red Poha Kheer recipe is made with rice and milk. The red rice poha has been used in the poha recipe because […]

Choco Protein Dessert

Choco protein desert

How to make Choco Protein Dessert Recipe? Are you the person who often has sweet cravings and you start gorging on chocolates to satisfy your cravings?  This chocolate dessert recipe will tempt your taste buds to the core made with Possible Shake-a-day, a delicious chocolate flavoured drink. With the added goodness of fruits and nuts, […]

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