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Greens That You Can Eat That Is Not Spinach And Their Health Benefits

Healthy Green Vegetables

Healthy vegetables rich in nutrients and phytonutrients are an integral part of our plate of a balanced diet. When we say green vegetables, it is not just confined to leafy vegetables but include other green colored, nutrient dense vegetables as well. Table of Contents Asparagus Green peas Broccoli Lettuce  Bitter gourd Still remember that aversion […]

Here’s Why You Should Try Grilled Fruits for Healthy Dessert

truweight is possible now

Fruits!!  One of the most versatile, healthy food group. You can use it in baking, stewing, blanching or grilling to create healthy dessert recipes. Grilling fruit is one such option adding a new definition to your eating routine. We all do know about fruits, its nature, seasonal availability, and benefits. In botanical terms, fruits are […]

Health benefits of Bay Leaf and its Addition in Recipes

Bay leaf- a boon which improves the Digestive System

Bay leaf (Laurus nobilis) or commonly known as Tej Patta, is an evergreen, fragrant leaf from Lauraceae family. It is an indigenous herb of Middle Asia and has propagated to different parts with Mediterranean-like climate.  A meagre spice but the health benefits of bay leaf are significant. Table of contents Uses of bay leaf  Nutrient […]

10 Herbs and Spices with Surprising Health Benefits

Herbs and Spices Health Benefits

Are you bored of your usual cooking? Or have your taste buds been craving for something new? Let’s spice it up! We are here to talk about making food better and tastier with some common herbs and spices. Did you know that in Indian cooking more than 36 types of spices are used? Or that […]

6 Health Benefits Of Adding Saunf Or Fennel Seeds In Your Diet

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Medically reviewed by  Darshita Thakkar, Nutrition Training and Quality Manager for PAN India Fennel seeds or saunf is a major spice that goes in almost all our Indian dishes. It not only adds a sweet flavour to the food, but also offers evident health benefits like better digestion, lowers BP, and aids in weight loss. Did you […]

Green Brown Rice Recipe | Possible

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  Green Brown Rice We are super tired of the regular pulao. Time to make it healthy and how do we do so? By incorporating palak and brown rice to make this tasty and nutritious green brown rice. 150 gm Brown Rice (Cooked) 1 cup Coriander Leaves 1/2 cup Mint Leaves 50 gm Onion 2 […]

11 Reasons Why Whey Protein is Important for Health And Fitness

Health Benefits of Whey Protein

Adding whey protein to your healthy eating diet is an excellent way to build your muscles, improve health and fitness levels, and strengthen the body. Research suggests that consuming whey protein along with resistance training can help in maintaining lean body mass and increase upper and lower-body strength. This is because whey protein promotes greater […]

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