12 Ways to Successfully Stick to your New Year Health Resolution!

New Year Resolution Tips for Health

‘This is the time for some festivities! With Christmas just done and so is the New year, people are welcoming new beginnings with open arms.

But just as the euphoria dies down, all everyone thinks of doing is losing weight after Christmas or making a New Year weight loss resolution!

What is a New Year Resolution?

It is a tradition wherein a person makes a promise to improve some aspect of his/her life starting New Year. There are religious connotations to it too.

Babylonians vowed to their Gods to pay off their debts in the New Year whereas Romans would make promises to the God Janus, on which January is named.

Armed with a bunch of health tips for the new year, and a new year exercise regime you may start January with a bang! But somewhere in the 3rd week, you lose the charm and the will to continue!

If this seems to be your life story, then no need to feel defeated and cheated. We bring to you the perfect recipe for a successful new year health resolution!

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Why Do We Fail at Maintaining a New Year resolution?!

Lose 20 kilos by March end’ or ‘Reach a healthy weight by Feb 28th

Does your New Year health resolution look something like this? We are afraid to say that you are setting up for failure!

What’s wrong with the first 2 resolution statements? The first one is unrealistic and the 2nd one is just too vague. What do you even mean by ‘healthy weight’?

Most often than not, New Year weight loss resolutions are wishful thinking which you believe can be changed to immediate action.

“It’s easy to change your attitude but difficult to change your behaviour,” says Christine Whelan, clinical professor in the School of Human Ecology at the University of Wisconsin.

Here are some dismal New Years resolution statistics: According to the University of Scranton survey, just 8% of the people achieve their goals!

Research finds that the success of a new year health resolution begins with setting smart goals and achievable targets.

Here is how you can set achievable and realistic goalsSplitting the goals into smaller, achievable ones is also one of the ways to succeed.

For example; if you decide to lose 20 kilos as a New Year resolution, then you are more likely to fail.

But split it into monthly weight loss goals and then further as daily goals (I will try to include 5 fruits/day; I will work out for at least ½ an hour etc) can make the daunting 20 kilos achievable.

While there are numerous health tips for the new year, we give you 12 ways by which you can sustain on your New Year health resolution.

12 Tips to Have a Happy Healthy New Year

1. Don’t overreach

Start by making just 1 New Year health resolution so that you don’t have to keep a track and then feel bad for not succeeding in many of them.

2. Understand you’re ‘why’

Every time laziness creeps in, every time you are on the verge of giving up, remember why you even started in the first place.

It could have been to set an example to your kids or to feel and look better. If it helps, paste this on a wall as a ‘new year new you fitness tip’ for everyday motivation.

3. Planning goes a long way

Just by deciding to eat healthily, you won’t. Want to quit smoking? Just thinking of it will not help. Planning ahead of time will save so much of your time, struggle, and even money. Ever wondered how nutritionists stay slim?

Planning! Know the other secrets on how nutritionists stay slim enough to preach!

4. Positive resolutions instead of negative ones

Instead of ‘I will not eat so and so food’, make a positive resolution which reads ‘I will try to eat 3 or more fruits and vegetables in a day’.

This is a better resolution to keep rather than the one which restricts you and may, in turn, tempt you.

5. Involve people around you

By confiding about your goals to a friend, family member or a relative, you are just improving your chances of success. Who knows, they might join you in the same too.

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6. Take it a week at a time

This is a point we have mentioned before! Break down your goals into sub-goals. It is easier to split it into weeks. Not only can you measure the progress, but you can also achieve them easily.

7. Be bribe ready

No, we don’t tell you to bribe anyone but yourself. If you are committed towards your weekly goal then reward yourself with a salon indulgence. Or how about buying a new dress once you reach the monthly mark. Remember, try not to make these bribes about food.

Similarly, set a penalty when you falter. For every slip-up, vow to have a week without TV or something along those lines.  

8. Prepare for binge attacks

You have been quite a stickler for the new year health resolution rules but just once you may find your pantry stocked with unhealthy tempting junk.

What do you do? Always keep a stock of healthy snacks handy. Similarly, have healthy options for unhealthy indulgences. Want to eat something sweet?

Eat a stevia sweetened granola bar or a protein-rich laddoo; feel like eating something fried? Go for a roasted pulse snack.

9. Download a health app

Find it too difficult to keep a track? Download a weight loss or a health tracker app.

Did you know, Possible has an app which sends reminders, helps you eat healthily, and even connects you to a dietician from time to time? Don’t want to do that?

Explore options on Google. For example, using Google Calendar to set a bedtime and alert you!

10. Say no to something every week

Is quitting a habit your New year health resolution? Then you will benefit from saying no to some things every week.

Be it saying no to that extra cigarette (to completely quitting); avoiding that dessert after meals (to completely skipping it), you can achieve a lot simply by saying no.

11. Be ready for cave-ins

You have been at it for 3 weeks but in the 4th week of January, you simply can’t resist that chole bhature. You finally cave in.

Don’t back it up with guilt and be ready for some such occurrence. The next time, factor it in and find out ways to avoid temptation and cave-ins. Here are some ways to make your cheating days healthy.

12. Join a weight loss centre

This may seem cliched but sometimes you value something better if it is paid.

Not just that, legitimate weight loss centres will keep motivating you such that you don’t slip on your goals. Now there are many such centres which are bogus.

Here are the 5 questions you need to ask before you join a weight loss centre.

New Year Health Resolution

So there you go, some easy tips to help you have a healthy happy new year! Go ahead and enjoy these festive times.


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