7 Simple Steps to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goal !

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How to Lose Weight? Isn’t this a question that haunts most of us? Undoubtedly, yes it is!

Haven’t we all tried various tricks to lose weight and in the end were left with the same haunting question that is “how to lose weight?”.

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Climbing the weighing scale with hopeful eyes, sieving the internet for weight watchers’ recipes, counting our morsels, saying hello to our favorite sweets from an arm’s distance… probably we have done it all hoping for our weight goal prayers to be answered.

So this article is especially for those who have probably tried everything from crash diets to weight loss pills to heavy workouts while unintentionally missing out on those small changes which if made to our daily life, can create a huge impact on our weight loss goals.

So if you ever wonder “How to lose weight”, give this article a read and you will have a few easy-to-accomplish recommended measures to successfully take up your weight loss journey.

1. Include Green Tea in Your Diet

Sip Green Tea to Lose Weight
Sip Green Tea to Lose Weight

The fact that green tea contains catechins, which are known as metabolism enhancing antioxidants, makes green tea an extremely healthy beverage to be included in our daily diet.

Green tea also possesses cancer-fighting properties.

It is also known for its cancer-fighting properties.

As per one of the studies conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, if you drink green tea extract thrice a day, your metabolic rate will go up by almost 4% [1].

Also, research has proved that people who drink green tea extract, burn additional 60 calories a day, which amounts to almost 2.7 kg a year, which is not bad at all, is it?

This is our first guideline on how to lose weight.

2. Cut Your Sugar aka Empty Calorie Intake

Avoid sugar to lose weight
Avoid sugar to lose weight

Cutting back on sugar in your diet is a very crucial step towards weight loss.

Sugary foods and drinks are sources of empty calories which have the capability of completely crushing your weight loss goals and achievements [2].

They sure come across as comfort foods but think about what you get in return…. Overload of calories and thus weight.

If you are wondering how to lose weight, cut out the sugar and feel the difference… in your weight as well as in how you feel about yourself.

Once you have stopped taking sugar, you will no longer even need it to provide you comfort.

3. Limit Your Dining-Out Days

Avoid dining out more often
Avoid dining out more often

Most yummy dishes we excitedly order for while in a restaurant taste great on the buds but last for a long time on the butts! Sounds funny but it really IS true!

Eating out the outside food which is high in oil, spices worst of all, preservatives are totally disastrous for your weight goals.

In our “how to lose weight” regime, these fat-laden gravies and fries hold absolutely no place and have to be kept at bay.

While you might want to cook some fancy gravy or fries at home, let us tell you that preparing them at home is much better than what is available in the restaurants because you can cut down on oil and do without preservatives at home.

If you still want to go out for the dining experience, which we all do once in a while, focus on low-fat dishes like salads and soups, which will save you from consuming unnecessary calories which can ruin your weight loss program. So this was another useful tip on how to lose weight.

4. Watch Your Salt Intake

Keep that Salt Away
Keep that Salt Away

Like sugar, over intake of salt also causes much harm to our weight loss program.

While the recommended daily value of sodium intake for human beings of a maximum of 2,400 milligrams, we often tend to not only exceed this amount but consume almost double this amount DAILY!

Over intake of sodium leads to water retention in your body, which makes you look and feel bloated [3].

So when you are contemplating on how to lose weight, regulate your salt intake just like you would do for your consumption of sugar.

Apart from causing water retention in your body, over-consumption of salt also causes high blood pressure.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is quintessential for weight loss
Sleep is quintessential for weight loss

It may sound too easy a trick but yes, it is true. Sleep is a crucial factor which helps you lose weight.

Being sleep deprived slows down your metabolic rate and might induce sugar and untimely snack cravings in your mind [4].

For proper functioning of your body’s metabolism, eight hours of sleep is of utmost importance as it gives time and space to your body as well as the immune system to repair and restore itself.

While lack of sleep gets in the way of your weight loss goal, oversleeping also slow down your metabolic rate and makes you gain weight.

So watch out for the number of hours you invest in sleeping. Lack, as well as an excess of anything, is bad and this stands true even here like everywhere else.

6. Do Not Skip Meals And Give Processed Food A Pass

Avoid packaged foods
Avoid packaged foods

While we may think that skipping meals help weight loss, the fact is that skipping meals slows down your metabolic rate.

This will make your body burn lesser calories in order to conserve the energy and thus deposition of unwanted kilos of on your body [5].

So if you are one of those wondering about how to lose weight, keeping a healthy snack like almond, salad or other nuts handy will help you steer clear of unhealthy binging along with providing nutrients and energy to your body.

Another important point to be kept in mind is to avoid processed foods as they are packs of preservatives and unhealthy elements like salt, sugar and oils.

Instead of processed food, eat a whole fruit or a vegetable salad which will keep you full along with keeping you fit and healthy.

7. Include Iron Rich Food In Your Diet

Include Iron Rich Food In Your Diet
Include Iron Rich Food In Your Diet

Iron is an element which is responsible for carrying oxygen to your cells and this boosts your metabolism. You can get your required iron intake from food such as soya nuts, beetroot and liver [6].

So there were a few simple points to be kept in mind while you think of ways and means of how to lose weight. Follow these and you will see the difference in your mind, body and overall well-being.

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