The 12 secrets of losing weight – from noted dieticians and nutritionists!

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In the last few decades, the issue of obesity and overweight has increased many folds. Those who are struggling to overcome this disorder, often ask themselves “How to lose weight and keep it off?”­­­­­

They try several methods to achieve weight loss only to arrive at where they have started. Only after several failed attempts, they visit a dietician or nutritionist. And once they visit a dietician, their weight loss journey becomes successful.  What could be the secret that we were missing?

We ask a few of Possible’s nutritionists and also look up other weight loss experts’ tips to keep the body fit!

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Dieticians and nutritionists in unison agree that time and healthy eating is an important criteria when it comes to weight loss. Cooking healthy foods takes time and a healthy weight loss also takes time. They stress on the fact that one should be realistic and patient when it comes to weight loss goals. 

weight loss, weight management
How to lose weight fast and safely?

The great 12

Below are the 12 secrets of weight loss nutritionists stress upon for a healthy and sustainable weight loss.

1. Planning

Nutritionists stress on meticulous planning of the week and that means planning meals as well. Dallas-based dietician Dixya Bhattarai tells us that she spends Sunday solely on meal planning. Weekly meal planning enables one to buy groceries mindfully and pay attention to the quantity.

2. The 5 rules

This is one of the best weight loss diet tips. Diet and workout recommendations could often get confusing but a great way of remembering most of it could be with these five rules.

  • Choose any one food from the following five food groups: cereals and pulses; low-fat dairy products, fruits, vegetables and lean meat.
  •  5 or more servings: of fruits and vegetables a day.
  • Moderate physical activity such as brisk walking or jogging should be done for 30 minutes, five times a week!
  • Ensure your breakfast cereals have less than five grams of sugar and at least five grams of fibre.
weight loss, weight loss tips, weight loss foods
Rule of 5 for weight loss

3. Keeping a journal

When we asked Possible’s Chief Nutritionist Suhasini Mudraganam on how to lose weight and keep it off, she says, “The best way is to maintain a journal and keep track of what you eat on a daily basis. You would be surprised to find how many calories you are eating in the form of chocolates, beverages and pastries.”

Mudraganam, who also helped develop the entire weight loss module of Possible, lamented that we do not consume nutritionally rich foods like fruits, vegetables and nuts on a daily basis. By maintaining a journal, one will be conscious about what they eat and this creates accountability too.

4. Cook and keep ahead

Skipping breakfast or forgetting lunch is not something new. When you do this often, you might not see progress with your weight loss process.

To prevent this from happening, you can prepare dinner in excess the previous night so that you can take this as lunch the next day. Similarly, do the preparation for breakfast the night before.


foods for weight loss
Great Weight loss tip: Do not skip meals because of time. Prepare in advance

If you are preparing upma, chop, roast and keep the ingredients ready the previous night. The next morning, simply add rava or semolina to the vegetables and cook. This will save ample of time in the morning.  

5. Hail workout videos

If you do not find the time for walking or going to gym, swap a few minutes of your television time with weight loss workout videos. These workout videos are highly time-efficient with most lasting under 15 minutes. Dietician Dena Norton says she sneaks workout time with online videos when her kids are sleeping or busy studying.

 exercises for weight loss
Click on the image for this great weight loss exercises

6. 10 minutes is all you need

If you can’t spare 30 minutes for exercise, at least spending 30 minutes can have immense benefits.

Possible’s Scientific Research Officer Shanmukha Priya says that playing with your kids or taking pets out for a walk, cycling to the market or even taking the stairs can be counted as physical activity.

running for weight loss
Even Prez Obama ensures he gets his 10-minute outdoor break. No wonder he is so fit!

7. Walk when you are on phone

Walking or pacing up and down the stairs can help you shed a few kilos, says Suhasini. She also added that, “I use the time during long calls and conference calls to walk in the cabin. I take every opportunity to stand from the chair and discuss work with colleagues.”

These simple actions will prevent one from feeling slothful.

walk while speaking over phone call
Walking and talking helps in weight loss

8. Pre cook Lunch and Dinner 

There are days when one might not feel like cooking. Instead of giving in to the feeling, just take a break for a day. Make extra portions of lunch and dinner and ensure that these will stay good for at least two days. Reheat and eat the next day.

Foods like chappati and pickle will stay good for even two or three days. These are great option instead of the greasy takeaways.

pre cook food for weight loss
Cook in advance to prevent overeating

9. Simple dinner meals

Dinners are never supposed to be heavy. Even cooking a regular meal could be baffling if you are back from a hectic day. Dietician Dixya suggests scheduling simple and one-pot meals for weeknights.

Hearty vegetable or meat soups, stews with eggs, cereal and lentil pot dishes are ideal dinner options.

Dinner for weight loss
Meal in a pot ensures you do not order takeaway. Helps in weight loss and weight management

10. Imitate the locals

Heard of the saying, ‘when in Rome, be like the Romans’? Adopting local foods is a good way to experience the culture and at the same time ensure weight loss.

People who get displaced due to job or studies gain weight. Usually, these are the times when food traditions and even cooking gets whacked. Instead of letting this discourage you, understand the surroundings and alter eating habits.

foods for weight loss
Adopt various food traditions for weight loss

11. Experiment in the supermarket

Weekend shopping at the supermarket can either make or break your weight loss management. Pick up some fruit or vegetable or even cereal that your family has never tasted.

This way you would introduce new flavours and ingredients. There would be variety in taste and you get the benefit of different nutrients too.

shopping for weight loss
How to go-to weight loss shopping at a supermarket?

12. Avoid being empty stomachs

So you have been invited to a party or you are the host yourself! Ensure that you never attend a party on an empty stomach. By doing this, you will make the right choices and avoid overeating.

These above tips are some of the ways to ensure weight loss in a healthy and sustainable way. This method focuses on making nutritious foods a part of our lives. 

weight loss, weight management, how to lose weight safely
Lose your weight without losing your social life

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