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Tackle weight gain

Sudden weight gain can be quite disheartening. The reasons could be manifold, but that does not mean you can manage this weight gain.

Add some exercise to rev up metabolism and make lifestyle changes to fight stress, and you should be your optimal soon.

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How to stop weight gain when all of a sudden, the scales seem to tip towards the right?

How to stop gaining weight when your jawline suddenly becomes unflattering? And, exactly how to stop gaining weight when you don’t fit into your favourite clothes?

According to studies, sudden weight gain has multi-faceted reasons – the body experiences an energy imbalance between consumed and expended calories.

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This could be due to medications, unhealthy food habits, depression and stress, thyroid issues, and even an inactive lifestyle. So, how to lose weight naturally?

Don’t skip meals

You might be tempted to skip meals to reduce those increasing numbers on the weighing scale, but it won’t help in the long run.

Eating every few hours helps you not gorge at mealtimes, keeps you full, and stabilizes your blood sugar. Also, do not consider a quick weight loss diet plans.

A diet plan to lose weight is quick, easy, and equally painful in the long haul because once you stop it, you gain back all the lost weight at double the rate.

Your body won’t respond to fat-free foods and crash diets; it will respond to a balanced diet of protein, carbs, healthy fats and nutrients.

Did you know?

The kilos one puts on in winter is always attributed to holiday weight. However, according to studies at the University of Alberta, the lesser sunlight in many parts of the world results in the skin being covered and the cells storing more amounts of fat due to less lipid droplets being released. This essentially means that in many ways, sunlight has a slimming effect on fat cells.

Don’t over or under-exercise

Indulging in more exercise than necessary is what most people tend to do once they see that they’ve put on weight. However, over-exercising can lead to disturbance in appetite and sleep, overeating, and ultimately more weight gain.

A slow, steady and consistent exercise regime which includes swimming, biking, etc. will help you lose weight. Also, weight gain is also possible due to muscle bulk.

Lifting weights will not only improve bone health but will also help you look leaner. Some people might become discouraged and stop exercising altogether, which isn’t good for the health and does nothing to tackle weight gain either.

If you’re experiencing severe weight gain issues, consulting with your doctor and a physical therapist might be the need of the hour.Explore the idea of starting off with these simple at-home exercises.

Don’t weigh yourself or count calories

Counting calories is perhaps the least helpful way to weight loss –

how to stop gaining weight when you’re on a calorie counting spree day and night?

Stressing yourself out and getting depressed over your weight will do you no good.

The key is to stay patient and consistent with your exercise and diet, get enough sleep, and control your stress levels.

Tackle weight gain
Tackle weight gain


Remember– weight loss depends on body shape and kind, metabolism, genetics, water retention, time of day, hormone levels, and a million other reasons, and no two bodies work the same way. Weigh yourself once a week to focus on the process, and not the number.

Try out some weight loss tips you can follow during festival time.

Wean off medications

In some cases, medications such as antidepressants, birth control pills, blood pressure tablets, etc. can be the reason for sudden weight gain. In such cases, doctors look at the medications one is taking to find out whether it is actually so and might even wean the person slowly off of the drug.

If the medicines are not the reason, trying and seeking out friends and support groups which help with social support goes a long way in battling depression due to weight gain.


How to stop gaining weight when you haven’t even accepted the reality? In the end, it all comes down to acceptance and staying empowered by setting achievable goals, since those make you feel motivated to practice healthy habits.

Staying positive and focused, and practising self-compassion rather than punishing or sympathizing with yourself will go a long way in shaping a healthier you. Being hard on yourself could instead lead to emotional eating and more weight gain.

Essentially, the answer to ‘how to stop gaining weight’ is not magic – you will have to work on it. Why
don’t you begin with a free home consultation to help begin your weight loss journey?

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1. How do I stop putting on weight?

Wondering how to tackle the dreaded weight creep? It all boils down to these simple tips – eat a balanced diet, stay off sweetened and fried stuff, and don’t overeat healthy food either, stay hydrated, sleep well, stress less, and exercise daily.

2. What causes excessive weight gain?

Excess weight gain could be caused due to a plethora of reasons – inactive thyroid,
overeating junk as well as healthy foods, ignoring sodium levels in your body, not drinking
enough water, depression and stress, being obsessed with weight loss and fad diets,
unhealthy sleeping habits, and not getting enough nutrients from your food.

3. How to deal with weight gain?

Accept the fact that you have put on weight and determine you want to do something about it before starting off a cycle of healthy diet and consistent exercise appropriate for your body.

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