Diwali is over! It’s time for some DETOX!

Importance of Post-festival detox

Diwali is over and most of us would still be drooling over delicious sweets and savouries. However, during this festive season, our body and mind feel tired, dull, inactive and sluggish due to the calorie-loaded foods.

This is why it is very important to indulge in a post-festival detox since it helps in the smooth transition from a tired body to active and toxin-free body.

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The post-festival phase is also about sleep deprivation, puffy eyes and fuzzy hair and a tired body that is struggling hard to bounce back to the normal routine.

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Your body needs post-festival detox for various reasons like:

  • Strain and stress during the festival time
  • Consumption of high-calorie foods like fried delicacies and sweets
  • Consumption of alcohol and other sugar-loaded beverages
  • Deprivation of sound sleep

Post-festival detox is important to help the body to return and retain toxin-free and active health. It is not confined to starving your body with specific food and drinks.

It is all about the management of the overall routine for a required amount of days that will help you in achieving the goal of a healthy body and mind.

1. Hydration is a Must

Keeping yourself hydrated is the must be a priority. It helps in many ways to rejuvenate your health, body and weary skin.

Green smoothie for detoxification
Green smoothie for detoxification

It impacts the on-going metabolic process in the body. Keeping your body hydrated is essential as it,

  1. Flushes out accumulated toxins from the body
  2. Maintain healthy blood circulation
  3. Cleanses digestive system
  4. Shed-off dead skin cells
  5. Maintain body temperature
  6. Restore and maintain disrupted electrolyte balance
  7. Ensure proper functioning of vital organs

Along with an ample amount of water, you can also drink coconut water and buttermilk.

The healthy smoothies prepared from fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs should be a must-try option as it helps in detoxification along with a good supply of minerals and vitamins.[1]

2. Go-Natural

Always opt for home-cooked meals involving all essential food groups imparting all required nutrients.

Going-natural has several health benefits as well like:

  • Loaded with essential nutrients
  • Controlled level of sugar, sodium and saturated fats
  • Good for healthy organs, skin, and body, even in the long run
  • Rich in antioxidants and micronutrients that assist efficient toxins removal

Avoid processed and packaged food options as these have a high content of synthetic additives and preservatives.

Also, avoid foods like ready-to-eat meals, refined sugars due to the absence of essential elements like micronutrients, good fats, and fiber in them.

3. Indulge in Exercising

A healthy mind only resides in a healthy body. The hustle of celebrations, attending friends and relatives and sleep-deprived nights affects the mental health as well.

Practising yoga and meditation, even for a few minutes will ensure proper alignment of a healthy mind and body.

You can also do Surya Namaskar or go for light swimming and light walk.

4. Sleep Well

Proper sleep for health restoration
Proper sleep for health restoration

Getting a good night’s sleep is very essential. However, many tend to overlook this. Make sure to sleep for at least 7-8 hours to feel fresh, energetic and stress-free.

It helps in many ways like,

  1. Balance the stress hormones
  2. Help the body getting back to the normal sleep cycle
  3. Regulates the biological clock
  4. As per this research, good sleep also suppresses the craving for unhealthy foods

Therefore, make sure to get enough sleep for a fresh and energetic start ahead.

5. Rejuvenate Your Skin

With strain, stress and binging on junk food throughout the festival time, it’s your skin that reflects it clearly first.

Therefore, it becomes of utmost importance to consider a healthy diet with a skincare routine to bring back that fresh look.

Include foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. These are rich sources of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help in eliminating toxins and shedding dead cells, providing you with fresh and rejuvenated skin.

Also, get enough sleep, drink a good amount of water and meditate. This gives new life to your skin.[2]

6. Boost Body Metabolism and Immunity

This step helps in preventing weight gain, balancing the disturbed homeostasis and strengthens the immune system.

Foods like fresh berries, green leafy vegetables, yoghurt and lean meat help in wiping-off the free radicals, boosting the body’s metabolism and immunity as well.

Drinking herbal tea, hibiscus tea or green tea also help with this process

Post-festival detox is very much essential and should be done not by starving but with a good amount of natural, home-cooked food, proper rest, meditation and a good supply of water.

This will enable you to achieve a smooth shift towards a normal routine back.

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