Truth about Indian Weight Loss Industry: A Complete Break Through

Weight Loss Industry Truth

Medical Reviewed by Sindhu Vas, Post Graduate in Nutrition and Food science

Have you ever Questioned Yourself on How To Lose Weight??

This blog will give you an insight into how lies sell in Indian weight loss industry and how Possible is trying to combat lies with its dose of TRUTH.

Possible gives you an easy solution to lose weight the healthy way.

We started a fitness club in the year 2009 assuming exercise is great for fitness and weight loss. A lot of members came to us because of the same perception that exercise is great for weight loss.

But the client’s results were quite poor. They lost less than 0.5 kg per month.

That got us thinking. We studied the market and saw that Ayurveda massages are quite popular and there are massages for weight loss.

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We hired good masseurs and started offering one. But there was no improvement in results.

Fitness center
Our First Fitness Centre

Some more research was done and we saw in India slimming centers are most popular and they have some magical weight loss machines.

You just need to go inside a machine and it will burn all the fat for you. WOW!! Who wants to exercise and weight loss tablets, when such a machine exists.

We bought a couple of those machines and started offering to our clients as part of our package. We hoped the results will improve a lot.

But alas, nothing improved. Magical weight loss machine turned out to be one out of the major weight loss myths.

We felt lost. Thankfully, we offered this machine treatment only for a short term and on an experimental basis.

So, the guilt feeling of offering a bad service to clients was not too big.

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One good thing about us is that we are good at researching. So, we did more research.

The answer was clearly written on the wall: weight loss is 80% food, 20% exercise and 0% massages, machines, belts and pills for weight loss.

We started with a 20% solution (fitness club), then tried 0% solution (massages, machines). But the solution was somewhere else.

If you look at the Indian weight loss industry, it is largely focusing on 0% contributors like machines and diet pills. Diet plan based weight loss companies are very few.

And whatever does exist makes false claims. Tea company claims “Lose 3 kgs in 1 month with our green tea”.

I wish. And so does India’s popular dietician company claiming “lose 2 kgs per week and 8 kgs per month with our weight loss diet charts”. Are they really fat burning foods?? I am indeed shocked at such kind of false marketing.

Weight loss food plan
Never feel guilty from now!

Why it is difficult, to be honest in this industry

1. People want shortcuts

Who wants to exercise and take dietary supplements when you have magical vests, slimming pills, belts, shakes, and machines?

“No Diet, No Exercise” Ad will always outperform an Ad which preaches you about healthy eating.

2. People want quick results

Any Ad which claims 8-10 kgs weight loss per month will get more customers than an Ad which talk about 2-3 kgs weight loss per month.

“Lose 1 kg/6 inch in 1 hour – Best weight loss program!” are quite popular claims. An honest Ad will always find it difficult to fight such claims.

3. “Guaranteed Weight Loss” is a must

It’s a magical word. However educated you are, when it comes to weight loss, one tends to expect a guarantee.

It is always difficult when you say to a client that we do not give a guarantee and we give it to you in writing. And we make you sign on it as well!! How stupid of us!

4. It is easy to call anything healthy

USP of our program is that it is the healthiest program one can ever find. Our members will vouch for that. But 2-minute noodles calls itself healthy. Oil companies call themselves healthy.

Oats biscuit with 2-5% oats calls themselves as healthy. What is the meaning of this word? Even though we are the healthiest, we do not emphasize on it as it has become an over-abused term.

5. Junk does not cost a lot of money

Junk foods are called junk foods for a reason. What are the cheapest ingredients to make food: sugar, oil, maida. Pick up any food including health foods, you will find an abundance of these three ingredients.

Why would you use ingredients which cost Rs 400/kg when you can make products which cost you Rs 30/kg.

We use all exotic ingredients and SuperFoods like spirulina, quinoa, barley grass, hibiscus tea, which cost us up to Rs 500-1000/kg. Obviously, it is not easy to sell that in India.

What’s Our Vision

Possible's Mission - Making Earth Lighter
Our only mission for success!!

Our vision is to make India healthier and lighter. And do it in the right way. Losing weight is not heroic. One can lose weight by starving or even by falling sick.

Bigger the disease, bigger the weight loss. But if you lose weight in the wrong way, you also lose health and have side effects. Moreover, you tend to gain back weight after a period of time.

When you lose weight in the right way with good nutrition, you gain health, energy, and confidence.

Most of our clients had some medical issues and after following the program, they see tremendous improvement in their disease parameters.

We published a paper on 55 Diabetic patients who followed our program. And there was a decline of 25-30% sugar levels in just 3 months. That to us is a bigger achievement than pure weight loss.

For us “TRUTH” is the foundation of our company. False promises are not made, however difficult it is for business. We say the truth, however bitter it is.

We don’t show you the moon and in fact, make you sign an Honest Expectation Letter when you sign up with us. And the Letter highlights all the weaknesses of the program.

We use best of ingredients, however expensive it is. Because nothing can be more precious than your good health.

If we can spend so much money on unhealthy eating, why can’t we do the same for good food?

Solution to being slim
Have food and be good!

We are combining nutrition with technology the way nobody has done before. It is a big important missing part of the puzzle, which people do not realize.

With the help of algorithms, we assign a value to every food item, ranking them on how healthy they are.

We do not believe in calorie counting as it is a flawed concept and with the help of technology we have created an alternative to it.

You can read more about it here. Technology also helps in customizing the program for you and to give you an impeccable service.

Finally, our results have improved after shifting gears to nutrition. Average weight loss has improved 4 times compared to what we used to do with fitness club, massages, and machines.

We know we have taken a difficult path to do things in an honest way. But no great thing was achieved easy. We believe in doing RIGHT things, not EASY things.This is one of a Weight loss company with no weight loss supplements!

“No weight loss pills, No machines, No lies. Only Honest Weight Loss”

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38 thoughts on “Truth about Indian Weight Loss Industry: A Complete Break Through

    • Shobha Shastry says:

      Hello Syeda Banu,

      We must tell you, you have come to the right place. We believe in holistic weight loss involving natural foods.

      To help you in your weight loss, we can offer you a FREE NUTRITIONIST CONSULTATION worth Rs. 1150.

      All you have to do is click on the link and provide your details. We will call you to schedule an appointment!

      What does your FREE consultation entail:
      Analysis of the body fat percentage, muscle percentage, metabolic rate etc.
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  1. pushpalatha says:

    hii this is pushpa latha
    myself 21 yrs old but now my weight is 66 it is unhealthy weight i know and i have tried many things to reduce weight but nothing is happened i need to reduce 10more kgs becas of my bmi my physical stucture also looking bad ,and i have facing many problems bcas of my body weight so ineed complete end for my unhealthy weight

    • mehnaz says:

      Hi Pushpa,

      Yes losing weight can not only make you look better but also feel better. We all need to have a healthy weight to live a healthy life. There are many misconceptions on which our Indian Weight loss Industry stands. However, there are natural effective ways to lose weight. At Truweight, we believe that weight loss is only effective if it is healthy. If you are looking for a healthy weight loss or have any query regarding which foods to eat for maintaining weight, you can always reach out to us. You can give us a call on 08064514959. Our representative will get in touch with you ASAP and explain everything.

    • mehnaz says:

      Hi Sayali,

      You can lose weight and lead a healthy life if you follow a healthy lifestyle. We are always here to help you with that. Click here for a free consultation!

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