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How to lose weight naturally

Have you tried every weight loss tips there is and still end up weighing the same?

Do you put more reliance on workout than the diet? Or do you believe that 1 magic ingredient will help you in your weight loss endeavour? Well, you are in for a rude surprise!

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Are looking at the traditional ways to lose weight?

Why traditional weight loss techniques do not work?

When it comes to metabolism, genes play a major role. But, the method of WORKOUT MORE, EAT LESS is definitely not the right approach. The biggest problem with traditional weight loss techniques is that it is just too simplistic.

It believes that weight loss is just calorie in and calorie out. But our human body is far more complicated than that.

Research studies on the best weight loss programs boast a short-term success of only 20 percent. The best way to lose weight is far more complicated than just a calorie model.

Myths surrounding counting calories

Eating fewer calories will lead to fat loss

This statement is false. It can surely give you some short term weight loss, as you would lose muscles and water from the body, but you need to burn fat.

Such a diet plan will slow down your metabolism and eventually, you will gain back weight and that too all exclusively in the form of fat.

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All calories are equal

No two calories are the same because the oxidation rate or rate of burning calories is different for different food types—fats, carbs, and proteins. Hormones are what determine weight loss and not the calories.

Eating two big meals are fine

How could you lose weight if you eat 2 big fat meals?

By eating small meals throughout the day, you expedite your metabolism which helps you in losing weight.

But if you have two large meals a day, your metabolism will slow down and you end up storing fat.

Eat fat-free foods for low calories

This is not true as most fat-free foods are worse than regular foods and is filled with artificial stuff and added sugar. Kiss weight loss goodbye if you believe in going on a fat-free diet.

Work out less, but eat more: A better way to lose weight

How to lose weight smart
Weight loss is rocket science

Circuit training or interval training is superior to cardio workouts. Most of us focus only on calories burnt during the workout, but one can burn additional calories for the next 24-48 hours by

doing the right form of workout.

It is extremely important to include strength training in your workout if you are looking for sustained weight loss.

By doing so, you can create a fat loss (good weight loss) state which lasts up to 48 hours after the workout.

It creates a “hormonal soup” (adrenaline, nor-adrenaline, and cortisol with testosterone, and Human Growth Hormone), which ensures that calories burnt are from fat and not from muscles.

Pure cardio workout is not capable of creating that state and can result in muscle loss. By doing the right form of circuit training, you can compress 90 minutes of results in just 30 minutes.

It is important not to just work hard, but work smart.

Also, by eating more of right foods, we ensure that we lose fat and not muscles and our metabolism remains high. That is one essential weight loss tip that many forget to give.

Hormones determine your weight and weight loss

Hormones help dictate the metabolism. It tells your body what to do with the food, whether to store it as fat or burn it as fuel resulting weight loss.

Hormones control almost every aspect of how we gain weight and how we can lose it. It also determines where we store fat.

Possible replaces the old science of calorie counting with the new science of hormonal fat regulation by combining the latest scientific research in endocrinology, exercise science, nutritional biochemistry, strength and conditioning research, to change your body’s fat and weight loss physiology.

Some foods release fat regulating hormones and some foods release fat storing hormones. Do not equate food with just calories. If calories were important, then diet cola and artificial sweeteners would be perfect for weight loss.

Sleep and stress determine your hormones level, which in turn determine your weight. Unfortunately, the calorie model ignores these two factors along with other important factors like nutritional deficiency, gut bacteria imbalance.

The calorie model does not give any importance to timing. Whether you eat something in the morning or just before dinner, calorie model does not make any differentiation between the two. But the truth is that timing matters a lot.

The way our digestive system works in the morning is different from the way it works in the night. Hence, one should always eat heavy breakfast and light dinner.

People with thyroid, diabetes or PCOS gain or lose weight due to hormonal Imbalance. These hormones determine your weight not just during these diseases, but even otherwise.

How diet affects hormones

It is quite evident that our diet affects the hormone levels in the body. Similar to sugar, all other foods affect some hormone or the other. Protein consumption increases glucagon and leptin, which help in weight loss.

Whereas excessive refined carbohydrate consumption may cause insulin spikes leading to storage of fat. The quality of food matters more than the quantity.

Hence, weight loss is not just about calories; it is more than that. So we hope you take weight loss seriously and your diet, even more seriously!

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14 thoughts on “How to lose weight the smart way! | Possible

  1. Taps says:

    I kind of disagree with few points, I am on a low calorie diet since 3 months but that is extremely nutritious, and am losing lots of weight, The weight I lost was not muscle, I checked my weight and entire body composition thrice in 3 months, My muscle mass is increasing and overall body fat is decreasing, my visceral fat got reduced like anything! Calorie counting is not bad, its keeps us on track.

    • Shobha Shastry says:

      Hi Tapaswini,

      WE are glad that you could achieve your health goals and want to congratulate you on the same.

      We have a grouch against calorie counting because it doesn’t distinguish between good fats and bad fats. Good carbs and bad carbs. Let us explain this in detail:

      Even white rice has carbs whereas oats also has carbs. 1 gram of which provides 4 calories. For example Oats and White Rice has carbs which provides 4 calories/ gm. But Oats has Beta glucan, the soluble fibre which is known to prevent CVDs, Diabetes and aids in weight loss. Hence not the calories alone, but overall nutritional quality of the foods helps in good health as well as weight loss . Everyone knows that oats has a better carbohydrate profile with fibre than the refined white rice.

      Similarly, the fat contained in Cold pressed oils and refined oil is the same, both providing 9 calories per gram. But Cold pressed oils has many bioactive compounds which the calorie counting model fails to calculate.

      So what is the solution? The Truweight experts have come up with health dollars, a concept which takes all these important factors into account . Foods with high sugar and fat content, has sweeteners and preservatives will costs high (akin to high calorie count) whereas foods rich in fibre, proteins , only natural sugars as well as unprocessed and unrefined foods have a low score. The higher the health dollar is unhealthy foods and lower the dollar, the foods will be healthy .

      We would strongly urge you to try this concept in the Truweight app.

      • Sowmindra says:

        Very nice explanation and justification, I have used TruWeight app and found to be really very useful, the dollar way of counting food is extremely good.

  2. M. Shashikala says:

    It’s very educative. Definitely I want to take care of my weight loss programme and co- operate to you.
    At the same time I expect good health during and after loosing weight and maintenance of the same weight after your programme or even reduction of weight if possible. As I tried many ways of weight reduction programmes and not fruitful in fulfilling my above criteria.

    • mehnaz says:

      Thank you so much for writing to us. Yes, in Truweight, we try our level best to not just bring weight loss to our clients but also a sustainable health for a lifetime. This isn’t just a weight loss program it’s a program that intends to modify lifestyles for a better health. We are sorry that you had to go through a lot but that’s what this weight loss industry has become. However, you have come to the right place. Here food will be your guide and health will be your goal along with weight loss. For more information, please call us at 08064514959. Our representative will get in touch with you ASAP. 🙂

  3. SAMUEL MOSES says:

    I had joined the programme o 7th yet no coach has contacted me neither have i received the d-tox kit there is no mention of initial weight loss how can i beieive the system works if there is no programme for the initial kit for threemonths so when does my 10 days start from the day I receive the kit or from the day ienrol

    • mehnaz says:

      Hi Samuel,

      We are extremely sorry for the inconveniences that you had to face. Please drop a mail at or give us a call at 08064514959. We will definitely look into the matter and one of our representatives will get in touch with you, ASAP.

  4. panchakarma ayurveda says:

    Thank you for the amazing information about weight loss blog .all the steps are important when we suffer from the high weight. I get motivated from the post and alert from mistakes.thanks for sharing this.

  5. Priyanka says:

    It was quite an informative article. Thanks for clearing that weight loss is not just about running behind the calories.

    • Soma Raghavendra says:

      Hi Priyanka! We thank you for sharing your feedback towards the article. One can follow this article to lose weight in a smart way. Keep following our blog to know such more health information.

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